American Council of the I...

Come join us at the 67th IIW Annual Assembly
in Seoul, S. Korea, July 13 thru 18, 2014

67th IIW Annual Assembly & International Conference The American Council of the IIW is:

  • The US member body of the IIW
  • Co-sponsored by AWS, EWI and WRC
  • Currently over 155 US members
  • Develops US position on IIW Activities including certification and standardization
  • Selects US delegation members who attend Annual Assemblies and Intermediate meetings

The IIW in short:

  • Created in 1948 to promote innovation and best joining practices
  • Provides a global platform for the exchange and diffusion of evolving welding technologies and applications
  • Membership has grown from 13  to 56 countries from every continent and corner of the earth
  • 20 working units that discuss state of the art issues related to subject from arc welding to brazing and soldering and more (
  • Main meeting is yearly Annual Assembly hosted by IIW member countries (2012 was the 4th held in the USA - Denver). 67th Annual Assmebly will be held in Seoul , S. Korea, July 13 to 18, 2014 – see
  • Many International Conferences held throughout the year on various subjects relating to welding and joining – see
  • Many working units hold intermediate meetings throughout the year, often in conjunction with International Conferences

Join the American Council of the IIW and learn more about the activities of the IIW and become an active member of the US delegation and member of one or more IIW working units and subgroups – for more information contact Andrew Davis (


The IIW launched a White Paper, "Improving Global Quality of Life Through Optimum Use and Innovation of Welding and Joining Technologies" at the 2012 IIW Annual Assembly in Denver.

This IIW Vision 2020 document has been developed by IIW experts in the fields of materials welding and joining technologies, training and education, as well as design and assessment of welded structures, to highlight future opportunities, needs and challenges world-wide.

The WhiP describes strategic challenges and agendas for the welding industries, personnel, scientists and end-users through the next 10 years (2012-2021). The strategic agenda of the WhiP is ambitious and visionary. It details strategies for Improving Quality of Life through the use of new materials, design and advanced joining technologies to reduce manufacturing cost and improve structural performance and life-cycle via better personnel, inspection and integrity assessment rules while meeting the societal expectations in health, safety, environmental and growth issues.