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The Silver Quill Editorial Achievement Award is an annual competition open to all non-welding specific publications. The American Welding Society will reward an article that advances the science, technology, and application of materials joining.

You are encouraged to take advantage of this invitation and participate in the next competition. Simply submit up to three articles on welding, thermal cutting, brazing and/or soldering that appeared in your publication during the last calendar year.

Entries will be judged by AWS technical experts on originality of editorial treatment and the significance of the subject matter to readers at the time of publication.

The Silver Quill Editorial Achievement Award winner will be recognized at the Annual AWS Awards held during the AWS International Welding and Fabricating Exposition.

Previous Silver Quill Winners
2004 Practical Engineeringin TV's Impractical Engineering Shows: Monster Garage and Junkyard Mega-Wars by Maureen Byko, JOM Magazine
2003 Nils Thalberg, Solveig Rigdal, Leif Karlsson, John van den Broek and Herbert Kaufmann, Stainless Steel World
2002 Ronny Demuzere and Russel Fuchs, Stainless Steel World
2001 Ed Belitsky, Advanced Manufacturing
2000 Paul Challen, Advanced Manufacturing
1999 I.M. Norris, The Fabricator
1998 Duane K. Miller, Modern Steel Construction
1997 Barbara Henon, Tube and Pipe Quarterly
1996 Richard Green, Forming & Fabricating
1995 Omer W. Blodgett and Duane K. Miller, Iron and Steel Engineer
1994 Duane K. Miller, The Fabricator
1993 Dr. Nils Stenbacka and Kjell-Arne Persson, The Fabricator
1992 Dr. Alexander Lesnewich, The Fabricator
1991 Henry F. Thorne, Robotics Today
1990 Robert R. Irving, Metalworking News
1989 Eugene E. Sprow, Tooling & Production
1988 John A. Vaccari, American Machinist and Automated Manufacturing

Please submit your entries to:
American Welding Society
8669 Doral Blvd., Suite 130
Doral, Fl 33166

or submit your application online.