American Welding Society
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AWS membership in Canada entitles you to all the benefits available to the rest of North America, including membership in Canadian Sections. For information about AWS Section meetings in Canada, contact:

Steve Prost
Steve Prost (604) 722-6657
Michel Marier (514) 385-4416
Ike Oguocha (306) 966-7832

For individual members in Canada, annual cost is US$88. There is a one-time US$12 initiation fee. As an individual member, you will receive:

For student members in Canada, annual cost is US$15. As a student member, you will receive:

To apply for AWS membership online, click here.

AWS Corporate Membership:

AWS offers the right membership package for every organizational need.  Each of our five Corporate memberships include resources, tools and benefits geared to your specific company or institution needs.  For more information on AWS Corporate membership, please click here.