Nine-Year Recertification

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As an AWS Certified Welding Inspector or Senior Certified Welding Inspector, you must renew your certification every three years. Every nine years, you must recertify, either by examination, obtaining approved endorsements, by recertification course, or by demonstrating 80 hours of continuing education, along with other requirements. Neglecting to recertify prior to your expiration will result in the loss of your certification status and will require you to retest on all parts of the original exam to regain your certification.

Note: DO NOT mail the full 9yr Recertification application if completing the online registration.

Recertification Application for SCWI 9th Year

Recertification Application for CWI 9th Year

Technical Documents
Section Meeting Attendance Form
AWS Endorsement Supplements Criteria
Part B Examination Book of Specification
QC1: 2007, Specifications to the AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors
B5.1:2003, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors

The standard application processing time is 6 weeks. You will be notified no later than 6 weeks AFTER your application has been submitted.

9-Year Recertification Options

If you purchase an AWS Exam and Seminar Package that includes the cost of the seminar and certification exam, you are not automatically registered to take the test. We must receive your completed application and review your qualifications to make sure you are eligible to take the exam. Payments or purchase orders should accompany applications. Consult the schedules for CWI examinations and 9-year recertification courses for suitable dates and for the application submission deadlines if opting for Options 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D or 2E.

OPTION 2A: 9-Year Recertification by Part B Practical Exam: (2A choose the exam type and complete sections 3 through 9)
CWI Part B Practical: For CWI recertification, the two-hour Part B Practical Exam will evaluate you in the practical aspects of weld inspection and establish that your skills are current. Exams are administered at sites all over the world. Each candidate is required to review a "Book of Specifications" developed solely for this portion of the exam. A copy of this book will be provided to you as a study guide in advance of the exam. Your responsibility is to determine if plastic replicas of welds meet the acceptance criteria in the "Book of Specifications."

It is to your advantage to be familiar with fillet and butt weld gauges, micrometers and dial calipers. You should review a variety of weldments that show various levels of porosity and undercut. Be prepared to interpret bend samples and calculate tensile strengths.

A one-day preparatory Visual Inspection Workshop can help you prepare for the exam. You may register for the course when you submit your 9-Year Recertification application.

OPTION 2B: 9-Year Recertification by Endorsement: (2B choose the exam type and complete sections 3 through 9)
Endorsements: You can take an endorsement exam to recertify during the six (6) months prior to your expiration date. Passing one of these exams meets the requirements for recertification. Endorsements require passing a two-hour exam on one of the following:

Endorsements Eligible For 9-Year Recertification Credit
AWS D1.1 Structural Steel
AWS D1.2 Structural Aluminum
AWS D1.5 Bridges
AWS D15.1 Railroad
API 1104 Pipelines
ASME Section IX, B31.1 and B31.3 Boiler & Pressure Vessel
ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 & Section IX Boiler & Pressure Vessel
Structural Drawing Reading

Endorsements exams that the individual passed will be listed on a separate card from the inspector's CWI/SCWI card. A certificate for successfully passing the examination will also be issued. Click here for more information about endorsements.

Important Note: AWS QC1 defines endorsements as "Indication of an additional skill documented in writing and added to one's certification credential(s)". In fulfilling the 9-year recertification requirement, endorsements cannot be taken to the codebook to which your CWI certification was attained.

OPTION 2C: 9-Year Recertification by Accumulated Continuing Education: (2C complete sections 3 and 5 through 10)
Continuing Education: If you have kept yourself up to date in the inspection profession by attending classes and seminars related to welding, your education requirements may be satisfied. You need 80 contact hours (PDHs) of seminars or courses that meet the requirements of QC1 Sections 16. Twenty of the 80 PDHs must have been earned during the last three years of your nine-year certification period. AWS sponsored endorsement exams, conferences, courses, or working on an AWS technical committees can also earn PDHs. AWS's Structural Bolting Inspection endorsement can earn you 20 PDHs toward your recertification. A PDH credit is based on each contact hour of activity. A contact hour shall consist of not less than 50 minutes of instruction. One CEU is equivalent to 10 PDHs. Documentation must be in accordance with QC1:, Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors Section 16.

The course content must be in one or more of the subject areas as defined in the Education and Experience Requirements of the B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors Section 5. A maximum of 80 PDHs are allowed for any one course and no course may be repeated for credit within any nine year period. Certificates of completion, diplomas, or transcripts must be submitted with your application. Trainers who want to substitute teaching hours for the required PDHs must submit documentation of the hours of training performed and course curriculum.

Overview of PDHs

OPTION 2D: Endorsements or Certifications Achieved Prior to 9-Year Recertification: (2E complete sections 3 and 5 through 9)
Endorsements: Certified Welding Inspectors who have previously taken and passed one or more endorsement exams prior to the nine-year cycle may apply for recertification without having to meet further examination, professional development hour, or seminar requirements. To qualify, a completed 9-Year Recertification application must be submitted indicating "By Endorsement" under the "Recertification by Non-Exam Options section". A copy of your endorsement certificate must be submitted with your application.

Certified Radiographic Interpreter: At any time during your nine-year cycle, if you meet the prerequisites, you can apply to become certified as an AWS Certified Radiographic Interpreter (CRI). A five-day CRI seminar is designed to ensure that you have knowledge to properly assess indications produced on radiographic media. It will prepare you for the CRI certification exam, which is given at the end of each seminar week. This is a valuable certification that fulfills your nine-year requirement.

OPTION 2E: 9-Year Recertification Course: (2D complete sections 3 through 9)
9-Year Recertification Course: If your certification expires within the next seven (7) months and you aren't going to recertify through examination or haven't accumulated 80 PDHs in the past nine years, the AWS 9-year recertification course is for you. This six-day course includes:

  • A pre-seminar reading assignment for you to complete 30 days prior to the course which counts toward the 80-hour requirement.
  • An informal skills assessment to guide your instructor in tailoring the course material to meet your needs.
  • An interactive format that allows you to share with and learn from your peers, gaining synergy from the entire group's collective experience.
  • The opportunity to discuss technical and administrative problems you've encountered while on the job with other experienced welding inspectors, and to benefit from their perspectives.
  • A field trip to a local plant or testing laboratory for an insightful behind-the-scenes tour.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an AWS Certificate of Completion for the course. Your new wallet card, certificate, and stamp will be mailed to you. Your certification number and renewal month will not change.

*Note Space for the 9yr course is limited.  Acceptance is based on availability and qualification for 9 year Recertification.

CWI applicants in their ninth year of certification who qualify and wish to earn a Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI) credential are strongly encouraged to complete a SCWI application and a 9-year CWI Recertification application to ensure that your CWI credential does not expire if you do not achieve SCWI.
Note: AWS does not offer a preparatory seminar for SCWIs.

If you choose the 9-year Part B: Practical exam or Endorsement exam to recertify as a CWI, you may take the exam at the same site as the SCWI examination. If you qualify for recertification via continuing education, we strongly recommend that the completed CWI 9-year Recertification application with supporting documentation be submitted at the same time as your SCWI Exam application to ensure that your CWI credential does not expire if you do not achieve SCWI.

If you choose to purchase an AWS CWI Seminar and Exam Package you are not automatically registered to take the SCWI exam. AWS must receive your completed SCWI application and review your qualifications to make sure you are eligible to take the SCWI exam. Payment must accompany your application. Please check the AWS Price List and Certification Schedule for examination dates, course dates, and application submission deadlines.

Please allow adequate time for your application to be processed. Applicants applying for an exam and have been accepted, will receive a confirmation package via email.

  • For questions regarding certification contact, the Certification Department, ext. 273
  • For questions regarding seminar or study materials, contact the Education Department, ext. 455
  • For questions regarding payment or obtaining a receipt, contact the Accounting Department, ext. 240