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Effective for exams to be taken June 1, 2008 or later, the Codebook Exams (Part C) for CWI certification and CWI/SCWI endorsements listed below will require the codebook edition(s) noted. If selecting one of these exams for your Part C option, please be sure to bring the edition(s) noted. Older editions will not be useable.

AWS D1.5 Exam: AASHTO/AWS D1.5M/D1.5:2008, Bridge Welding Code

ASME Section IX, B31.1, and B31.3 Exam: Section IX – 2007 Edition; B31.1 – 2007 Edition, and B31.3 – 2006 Edition

Program Information

Take the first steps towards a prosperous career in welding inspection as a CAWI. You'll get hands-on experience as you work alongside a Senior Certified Welding Inspector or Certified Welding Inspector. The decision to become a CAWI signals employers that you're serious about your career. And AWS Certification puts you on the right course.

QC1:2007 Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors

The latest edition of AWS QC1, QC1:2007, Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors, has been approved, published, and goes into effect immediately. The changes are relatively minor, are summarized in its Foreword, and are shown as underlines in the text. The major revisions to QC1 occurred in the 2006 and have carried over into QC1:2007. Shown below is a summary of the some of the most significant changes that had been introduced by AWS QC1:2006.

This is a summary of the some of the most significant changes contained in the new AWS QC1:2006, Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors.

A Certified Associate Welding Inspector (CAWI) will no longer be able to renew or recertify at the CAWI level. CAWIs must retest and score at the certified welding inspector’s cutoff of 72% to retain any certification.

QC1:2006 also has new provisions to cover retest. If the simple average of the three parts of the exam is 72% or higher, the candidate is allowed to retest on the part(s) that fell below the required 72%. If the simple average is below 72%, all three parts of examination will have to be repeated. If the candidate fails the first retest, subsequent retests require 40 hours of additional training before being permitted to retest.

It is now permitted to take committee-approved supplemental inspection exams (SIEs or endorsements) to enhance one’s inspection credentials. Passing these SIEs not only enhances one’s credentials as a CWI, but may also me applied toward the 9-year recertification. These exams may be taken any time during the 9-year certification cycle for CWIs and may also be taken by non-CWIs who wish to add such supplemental credentials to their resume. Non-CWIs will not be permitted to use these credential toward credits for CWI certification, but must still take and pass the full three-part exam.

CAWI Requirements:

  • High school graduate or equivalent - refer to QC1 or B5.1
  • An 8th grade education, with a minimum four years work experience.
  • A minimum of six years work experience, if less than an 8th-grade education.

Recommended CAWI, CWI and CWI Seminars

    • General Provisions of the Code
    • Design of Welded Joints
    • Technique and Workmanship
    • Qualification
    • Inspection
    • Design of New Buildings and Bridges
    • Tubular Structures
    • Strengthening and Repairing
    • Open Book Code Exercises

    • Control of Materials
    • Welding and NDT Symbols
    • Mechanical and Chemical Properties
    • Destructive Testing
    • Welding Metallurgy
    • Review of Welding Processes
    • Brazing and Cutting Processes
    • Weld and Base metal Discontinuities
    • Nondestructive Testing
    • Welder Performance Qualification

    • Fundamentals of Visual Inspection
    • Applications of Visual Inspection Standards
    • Inspection Measurements: porosity, weld reinforcement, undercut, weld size,
      guided bend test results
    • Instruments: Machinists scale, fillet weld gauges, dial caliper, micrometer, magnifier
  • The exam leading to AWS Certification is a rigorous and complete review that challenges the candidate's skills on factual knowledge of welding fundamentals, and the ability to use codes and standards. For this reason, AWS strongly recommends that candidates for Certification attend an AWS Seminar first.

    Interpretation of Subclause 8.1 of AWS QC1:2007 Approved January 17, 2008 by the AWS Certification Committee Text of 8.1 of AWS QC1:2007:
    “8.1 Applicants for certification as SCWI, CWI, or CAWI shall satisfy the visual acuity requirements of 6.1 of AWS B5.1, Specification for the Qualification of Welding Inspectors.”

    These visual acuity requirements may be satisfied with the use of only one eye.