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Certified Welding Educator Program

The Certified Welding Educator Program (CWE) is geared for the welding professional specifically in the welding education field. This AWS certification confirms your ability, talent and knowledge to specifically direct and perform operations associated with welder training and classroom instruction. The CWI and CWE exams are identical; however the Part C: Code Book portion is not a requirement for the CWE certification. Both certifications (CWI and CWE) may be achieved simultaneously. Please check the appropriate box located on the top-left corner of the CWI/CWE Exam Application whether you applying for one or both certifications. It is mandatory that you also submit the CWE Welding Instructor Credentials form along with the completed CWI/CWE Exam Application.

Listed for your information are the following items. Please review these items carefully before applying for the CWE exam:

Technical Documents
QC5: 91, AWS Standard for the Certification of Welding Educators

If you are a current SCWI, CWI or CAWI, and you meet the Certified Welding Educator criteria outlined below, no testing is required for the CWE certification. Just simply:

  • Complete the CWE Short Form Application
  • Teach full or part-time in a classroom environment.
  • Hold a valid welder certificate.
  • Written recommendation from your teaching supervisor attesting to your teaching qualifications and ability.

The standard application processing time is (6) weeks. Please be advised that you will be notified (6) weeks AFTER your application has been submitted. Contacting the AWS Certification Business Unit BEFORE the (6) week period will delay the application processing time and further hinder the receipt of your certification materials. We strongly urge applicants to please allow the (6) weeks processing time so that we at AWS may efficiently and accurately serve your certification needs.

We cannot guarantee space at an exam site if the application is received after the application submission deadline. We understand that sometimes circumstances may result in missing deadlines so a Fast Track Process Fee is available. Applications cannot be faxed in so please be prompt in submitting your application. We recommend you use priority mail with tracking options when mailing your application. If you choose to mail your application via overnight delivery, please mail directly to: American Welding Society, Certification Business Unit, 8669 NW 36 Street, Suite 130, Miami, Florida 33166-6672. PLEASE RETAIN A COPY OF YOUR COMPLETED APPLICATION FOR YOUR RECORDS.

All checks and money orders should be made payable to AWS. Payments must accompany your application. Please provide a copy of the S.E.N.S.E. certificate or and original letter from your organization, verifying your employment in order to qualify for a discount on fees.

If you have questions, please contact the Certification Business Unit at (800) 443-9353, ext. 273.

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