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AWS Certified Welding Fabricator®

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AWS Certified Welding Supervisor Program:
The perfect complement to the AWS Certified Welding Fabricator.
For more information on the Certified Welding Supervisor Program, visit this webpage or call (800) 443-9353 x 273.

The AWS Certified Welding Fabricator(CWF) program was designed to meet industry demand for a program that recognizes companies who can demonstrate they have the resources, procedures, and personnel to apply a quality management system to the welding fabrication activities. In turn, these companies gain a competitive advantage in the market because their customers can trust that the products they have ordered were fabricated under a quality system.

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Common Questions

What does it mean for a company to be certified as a Welding Fabricator?

What will our company be responsible for as an AWS Certified Welding Fabricator?

How can this certification be an affordable alternative or supplement to other quality systems?

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Technical Docs
QC17:2008 Specification for AWS Accreditation of Certified Welding Fabricators
B5.17:2008 Specification for the Qualification of Welding Fabricators