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AWS NDE Certification

AWS Radiographic Interpreter Certification
AWS is pleased to announce the introduction of a new program for certifying radiographic interpreters (RI). This program, which is still under development, is expected to be ready later this summer.

The program, based upon requirements contained within AWS B5.15:2003, Specification for the Qualification of Radiographic Interpreters, is designed to provide evidence of the ability of individuals to properly assess welding-related indications produced on radiographic film and related media.

The new AWS Radiographic Interpreter program replaces the existing CSWIP-based program, while maintaining the high standards of performance contained within the previous program. Candidates seeking certification will be required to successfully pass three examinations, one on general knowledge, one on specific knowledge related to the required quality and acceptance criteria as contained in the most common code books, and a practical examination requiring interpretation of actual radiographs. An AWS-approved training program will be available that covers 40 hours of instruction.

Certification will take one of two forms. Those individuals who meet the examination, education, experience, and training requirements as specified in AWS B5.15 will be awarded the designation of AWS Radiographic Interpreter. As an alternative to the experience requirements of AWS B5.15, candidates who possess a current CWI certification must take the 40 hour training course and, meeting all other requirements, will receive the RI certification as an endorsement to their CWI wallet card. In either situation, the holders of this certification will have a valuable tool to demonstrate their qualifications to interpret radiographs of weldments. The new AWS program for radiographic interpreters will be available only to those individuals who successfully pass the required examinations. No grandfathering or transitioning of existing practitioners will be allowed in order to maintain the highest standards of third-party certification.

Visit this space in the future to get the latest news on the program and download descriptions of study references, the preparatory seminar, and applications and fee schedules.

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