AWS Standard Interpretati...

Official interpretations of AWS standards are made by the committee that is responsible for the standard in response to written inquiries. For procedures on preparing an official interpretation for AWS Certification Committees, please refer to the Informative Annex, Guidelines for the Preparation of Certification Inquiries for AWS Certification Committees, within your standard.

The activities of the Certification Committee regarding interpretations are limited strictly to the interpretation of specification provisions or to consideration of revisions to existing provisions. Neither AWS staff nor the committees are in a position to offer interpretive or consulting services on: (1) specific engineering problems, or (2) requirements that apply to topics outside the scope of the specification or points not specifically covered by the specification. In such cases, the inquirer should seek assistance from a competent enĀ¬gineer or consultant experienced in the particular field of interest.


2007    S 11.2.4, 11.4.2, 11.4.3    Conflict of Interest