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So You’re The New Welding Engineer Conference
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Every one of us who is designing, planning, developing, or supervising a welding operation is working with people whose knowledge of welding is limited. Some have seen serious and costly errors made in manufacturing when “common knowledge” was not known by key people.

With this in mind the AWS Conference Committee has created a conference just for you! Join us during FABTECH 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.

So You're The New Welding Engineer Conference
Georgia World Congress Center
Tuesday, November 11 - Wednesday, November 12
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Our objective is to provide a broad-brush overview of the real-world concerns that must be considered in most fabrication situations. Not only are the topics important, but the speakers are nationally and internationally-recognized in the areas they will cover, as well as in many others. The program is based on the “Application Analysis” concept which starts with a comprehensive description of the product, and its purpose, and moves through key issues that can influence the quality, cost, and performance of the finished product. The conference will also touch on key operations management concepts, emphasizing the fact that many processes are involved in making a product, and close cooperation between factory operations is essential to meeting production schedules, product quality and performance requirements, AND financial goals!

As you read this you may think you do not need “exposure” to these topics, but I’ll bet you know people who do. Let them know about this and encourage them to participate. I believe they will thank you for it.


The "Application Analysis" Concept
Productivity Concepts; Tools to Improve the Responsiveness and Productivity of the Entire Operation
Fritz Saenger, Retired ESAB VP and EWI Marketing Director
Why Steel? Walt Sperko, Consultant, Major Welding Metallurgy
Selecting the "Right" Filler Metal for Your Application Tom Myers, Senior Applications Engineer, Lincoln Electric
The Importance of Pre and Post-Weld Operations
Mike Rice, Senior Welding Engineer, Nooter Corporation
Arc Welding Process Modes; How to Select the Best For You Bob Bitzky, Retired ESAB Director of Applications and Training
The Welding Procedure; Building It to Optimize Quality, Consistency and Cost Lee Kvidahl, AWS Past President and Chief Welding Engineer, Ingalls Shipbuilding
Making Your Procedure ‘Ro-Bust’, The "ARCWISE" Concept Dennis Harwig, AWS Director of Technology & Training
Understanding Codes and Customer Requirements Dick Holdren, Chairman AWS TAC and Senior Welding Engineer, Arc Specialties
Welding Costs: Understanding and Controlling Them Pete Ullman, VP Business Development, Techniweld
The Automation Decision: How to Make the ‘Right’ One for You Jeff Noruk, President, Servo Robot Corporation
Welding Safety – Keeping Your Workers Safe, and Complying With Laws and Regulations Kevin Lyttle, Chairman AWS Safety & Health Committee and Sr. Research Associate, Praxair
Why Aluminum Is Different and What You Have to Do to Weld It Successfully Tony Anderson, Director of Aluminum Technology, Miller Electric
Stainless and Heat-Resisting Steels and How We Deal With Them Bill Newell, VP, Euroweld


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