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2015 Conferences

9th Shipbuilding Conference
April 7–8, 2015
Virginia Beach, VA

Shipbuilding design & fabrication continue to advance to reduce weight for energy efficiency and improve structural integrity for sustainability. AWS is pleased to host the 9th semi-annual Shipbuilding Conference. This conferences provides presentations on key emerging technologies that are being developed and qualified for use in both commercial and Navy shipbuilding. Experts will explain how metals additive manufacturing can impact advanced ship structure design for manufacturability; how phased array UT inspection of piping is being qualified for safe conned space examination of shipboard welds, how new materials are being developed for high strength and lightweight materials, and how intelligent automation can increase productivity and quality to name a few. This conferences will benefit designers, engineers, fabricators and suppliers who seek to increase shipbuilding innovation and competitiveness.

IBSC 2015
April 19–22, 2015
Hilton Long Beach
Long Beach, CA

The IBSC remains the premier event for the brazing and soldering community. For years, the IBSC has provided professionals, scientists and engineers involved in the research, development and application of brazing and soldering, a unique networking and idea-exchange forum. This three-day conference provides cutting-edge education and technical programming for the brazing and soldering community, as well as peer-networking and a full exhibit program, showcasing the latest trends, products, processes and techniques available in the industry.

Cladding Conference
May 12–13, 2015
The Marquette Hotel
Minneapolis, MN

The use of cladding to protect structures from corrosion is growing by leaps and bounds. Weld cladding is a cost effective way to prepare structures and piping for applications such as sour gas, chemical reactors and storage vessels, high temperature power generation equipment, transition joints, and repair. Topics include hot-wire weld cladding, roll bonding, explosive cladding, nanocomposite material, strip cladding, the role of lasers, new materials and more that make cladding a competitive solution. Come network with Experts who can help you select the preferred process and materials for your applications.

2nd Welding Education, Skills, and Certifications Conference and Seminar
July 13–16, 2015
Chattanooga State Community College
Chattanooga, TN

This year's conference is structured to provide a an integrated and comprehensive overview on AWS standards, services, and best practices for welding career pathway education and credentialing. It is especially valuable for education & training institut ions who are developing workforce supplier and testing services with industry, and their industrial partners. The American Welding Society and leaders from top training institutions, welding technology suppliers, and industry will help you gain new insights, share best practices, exchange ideas, and solve problems specic to your technical program and your local needs. This year's conference will also feature a workshop to promote articulation along welding pathways, and new opportunities for apprentice programs for modern metal manufacturing.

Workshop on Weld Residual Stress and Distortion Prediction Conference
August 10-11, 2015
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA

Welding induced residual stresses and distortion can present many challenges across a number of industry sectors including power generation, transportation (including automotive, mining and agriculture equipment), ship building and petrochemical. This unique two-day event is designed for manufacturers and fabricators who seek solutions for advanced materials joining applications. The event provides an opportunity to learn the latest developments, and engage with a major National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry / University Cooperative Research Center (I/U-CRC) that has built a large industrial membership base and has significant research programs underway on weld residual stress and distortion prediction.

High-Temperature Metals Conference
August 18-19, 2015
Moraine Valley Community College
Chicago, IL

Materials used in high temperature application are becoming more complex to achieve the creep strength and corrosion resistance. A range of low alloy, high strength, and austenitic materials are required depending on the application. What choices does the engineer have once the weldability window for high-temperature steels is cut in half? Come and learn from the experts how to manage weldability of P91 steel, dissimilar metal welding, postweld heat treating, selection of weld consumables, the types of weld cracking, and more.

Pipelines Conference
September 1–3, 2015
New Orleans, LA

Regional and transcontinental pipelines are a very efficient way to deliver chemical resources from upstream facilities to power plants, chemical plants, offshore facilities, maritime ports, and collection & distribution centers to name a few. This conference will discuss advances pipeline welding materials and technology. Higher strength materials are being qualified which can provide signicant cost savings and reliability. Innovative welding processes are being developed for these materials to assure toughness and fitness for service. Automated nondestructive test methods are being developed to assure quality, and support in-service inspection and repair. Join other industry leaders in the field, as the AWS Pipelines Conference explores new research, trends and applications for this growing discipline.

18th Annual Aluminum Conference
September 22–24, 2015
Omni Hotel - San Diego
San Diego, CA

A distinguished panel of aluminum-industry experts will survey the state of the art in aluminum welding technology and practice. The 18th Aluminum Welding Conference will also provide several opportunities for you to network informally with speakers and other participants, and to visit an exhibition showcasing products and services available to the aluminum welding industry. Aluminum lends itself to a wide variety of industrial applications because of its light weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and other attributes. However, because its chemical and physical properties are different from those of steel, welding of aluminum requires special processes, techniques, and expertise.

2016 Conference

9th International Seminar & Conference on Advances in Resistance Welding
April 12–15, 2016
Miami, FL

AWS, RWMA, and Swantec have joined forces to bring this Seminar and Conference on Resistance Welding. Industry experts from leading institutes and companies in the eld of resistance welding will give a comprehensive overview on the latest in materials, welding equipment, innovations and industrial applications. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with the leaders in resistance welding.