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Welding Competition

What is SkillsUSA?
SkillsUSA Championships is a showcase for the best career and technical students in the nation. Contests begin locally and continue through each state and national levels.

For those participating in the Welding Skills USA Contests, competitors receive contest drawings and a set of welding procedure specifications. All drawings, welding symbols, and welding terms conform to the latest edition of the American Welding Society standards.

Through a series of stations, contestants are tested on various aspects of welding: measuring weld replicas, using weld measuring gauges; laying out a plate and using oxy-acetylene equipment to cut several holes that are checked for accuracy and quality; Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) on steel making welds in various positions using short circuiting transfers; Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) using a shielding gas, making welds in various positions and, using a combination machine capable of providing the correct welding current for shielded metal arc (SMAW) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW). Competitors complete the steel project and weld an aluminum project in various positions using a variety of filler metals. Winners move on to the SkillsUSA Championships.

Who's Eligible?
Local, regional, state, national and international SkillsUSA Contest participants must be active SkillsUSA members who are enrolled in or have graduated from a welding program.

SkillsUSA Championships
Contestants must be active SkillsUSA members who have won first place in their respective states SkillsUSA contest.  There is no age restriction for the SkillsUSA Championships.

Drawing for High School
2014 SkillsUSA Competition

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2014 SkillsUSA Competition

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