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- - By cogink Date 05-10-2016 18:11
hi, im sorry if this has already been asked.

at work we are welding 120mm box (5mm thick)  onto a steel plate (15mm). The drawing calls for a prep of 4mm at 45 degree on the box section where it meets the plate, the plate is 500mm long by 250mm wide and the box is located in the center. No problem with any of that until the weld symbol shows the  V for butt weld. This caused some heated discussion amongst the lads and i was hoping you could clarify.

  Is it a Butt weld, a Fillet or even a grove for that matter and how do i prove the answer?
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 05-10-2016 19:47
A picture or drawing would be nice.....but if you have to prep 4 mm at 45°, then it becomes a groove weld...

If I'm picturing this correctly, you have a 5mm plate that is beveled 4mm at 45° leaving a 1mm land. I'm assuming the weld will be placed in this 4mm deep, 45° preparation, so if there is no melt-thru, it is a partial penetration joint(PJP), if there is consistent melt-thru with re-inforcement on the back side, then it is a complete penetration joint(CJP).
Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 05-13-2016 17:03
What is this land you speak of? Is it by chance off the coast of Congo?

Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 05-13-2016 21:18
See AWS A3.0:2010 Figure B.5(c) = "land"   :razz::twisted:
Parent - By kcd616 (***) Date 05-13-2016 21:38
youngsters like Al did learn old school stuff:wink::twisted::evil::eek::razz:
Parent - - By welderbrent (*****) Date 05-14-2016 02:12
"land. A nonstandard term for root face."  from AWS A3.0 Terms and Defs 

I know you were being technically sarcastic in trying to make a point for using proper terminology.  But it is in the almighty specs.

Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 05-14-2016 18:20
As one professional to another, should a nonstandard term be used in official communications?

Is one of the goals of participating in the Forum to enhance professionalism or to promote the status quo?

Parent - By kcd616 (***) Date 05-14-2016 18:34
professionalism, always
why we are here
Thank you
Parent - By Don56 (**) Date 05-17-2016 19:23
"Official" communications???
Parent - By WeldinFool (**) Date 05-11-2016 18:11
Yup, its a single-bevel groove weld, end of story
Parent - By TimGary (****) Date 05-12-2016 12:19
If I'm understanding your description correctly, it could be either a single bevel groove, or if desired, a single bevel groove with a reinforcing fillet.
See the attached detail for clarification.

Attachment: Doc1.docx (17k)
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