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Up Topic Welding Industry / Welding Fundamentals / 220v 50A Angle Outlet-Gender Change Cord / Different Welder
- - By nascaraddict Date 12-29-2006 18:12
I have an existing "outlet" that is a 3 prong angle & is 50A. (Like the older dryer style)

I planned on hooking up my Millermatic 210 Mig welder that has a 220v plug that I believe to be a "Nema 6-50". The Plug has two flat spade terminals that are vertical, one spade is half the width and a round hole on the bottom.
When I want to use this welder, I want to simply use this short cable to change plug genders.

I purchased a Pass & Seymour 3861-CC5 50A Angle Plug (3-Pole, 3-Wire).
This plug wires as Neutral=White, Hot1(L1)=Black, & Hot2(L2)=Red.

I also purchased a 2ft. piece of 6/4 SO wire. I tried to get 6/3, although it was out of stock. I planned on cutting back the unused wire at each end.

Lastly, I purchased a Pass & Seymour 3804-CC6 50A "Outlet" (2-Pole, 3-Wire)with a 4"x4" steel box & loom connector.

Here's where I stopped: After wiring up the Angle Plug to one end of the wire, I went to wire the other end & one terminal on the outlet is labeled as green and the other two are not labeled & obviously hot for 220v.

My question now is, since the green and white are both insulated and 6ga., can I use the neutral on the green terminal on the outlet?

I'd like to find a solution without having to run a new breaker and a very expensive 22' run of wire just for a welder that has a different plug.

There are some very smart individuals in this forum, please help and I'll be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance,

Parent - - By yorkiepap (***) Date 12-30-2006 02:19
Hey Bryan,
You'll be ok if you do like you indicated....BLACK=HOT; RED=HOT; you can run one or both the other leads (GR-WH) to the GROUND/NEUTRAL on both ends. It is easier if you just use the GREEN for the GROUND/NEUTRAL on both ends and cut the WH......Denny
Parent - By nascaraddict Date 12-30-2006 03:44
Thanks for the reply.

I spoke to a tech. at Pass & Seymour & he told me if it was being inspected, the inspector might bitch, but It would function as intended.

Of course he couldn't give me advise on what to do. That's what they all have to say. :-)

Again, thanks for your response to my post,

Parent - By nascaraddict Date 12-30-2006 03:46
I forgot to say I've been welding some beads with no problems.

Just as it should be!

Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!
Up Topic Welding Industry / Welding Fundamentals / 220v 50A Angle Outlet-Gender Change Cord / Different Welder

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