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- - By drifter57 (**) Date 01-04-2007 13:51
Just a quick note for you guys, has any body else had problems with the new AWS D1.1 books ( 2006) We have ordered (4) books for our company and ALL of them within a short perid of time the spines have broke and the pages are loose. They have sent me new books and the new ones the spine let loose right away again on them. The old books I used the living dog cr-- out of and they are still in good shape. What is going on ? Anybody else have this problem??????
Parent - - By CHGuilford (****) Date 01-04-2007 14:06
My D1.1 lasted an hour and a half before I had to put it into a 3-ring binder. (At least, it comes pre-punched so I didn't have to put the holes in it- small consolation)
Parent - By hogan (****) Date 01-04-2007 15:18
i've returned a few of the 06's because of the same problem
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 01-04-2007 16:24
My 06 is still going strong...for now. Edges of the pages are getting dark from thumbing through, but that seemed to happen to all of my previous editions too ;-)
Parent - - By HgTX (***) Date 01-05-2007 21:01
There must be a few different printings out there.  My 2006 is prepunched only through page 500.  (501-504 and the back cover are not punched, which is weird.)  I don't use it all that much, but it's been buried lying open under a lot of other stuff on my desk and doesn't seem to be hurt by this abuse.
Parent - - By thcqci (***) Date 01-12-2007 00:46
I ended up returning a 2006 D1.1 due to 1/3 of the pages being bound upside down.  Tried to live with it but was a real pain.  AWS traded it out when I contacted them.
Parent - - By jon20013 (*****) Date 01-12-2007 08:03
I hope somebody from AWS Staff is following this thread????
Parent - By eekpod (****) Date 01-12-2007 20:33
Wow, am I glad I'm not the only person to have this same problem.  We have two copies in two different offices and both of them fell apart.  From section 3 through section 6 came out completly, it's now it's own book, what a pain.

Also what's up with all the mistakes in the printing, especially the part where the figues it refers to are all off by one.  I don't have it at home or I'd be more precise.   Chris
Parent - - By adavis (*) Date 01-30-2007 14:49

We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems with your copies of AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2006.

AWS has been made aware of binding issues that appear to have affected a limited number of copies of AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2006.  Where customers have made us aware of the problem, we have responded by offering free replacement copies of D1.1 and we would like to offer you the same opportunity to replace your copies of the code.

AWS values its customers who are often also members of the American Welding Society and aims to be responsive to all quality related issues.

If you have questions related to any issues concerning AWS publications, please direct them to myself or


Andrew Davis
Managing Director, Technical Services Division
Parent - - By Bill M (***) Date 01-30-2007 15:49
My '06 copy has a few loose pages as well.  Your offer for free replacement sounds good.

Is this a "send it in, and you send a new one back" procedure?  (if so, any estimate for turn around time?)

Parent - By adavis (*) Date 02-15-2007 17:14

1. No this is not a replacement program but we would need the details of the original purchase - name on the account and purchase date (approx).

2. As soon as the purchase has been verified, we will ship the new standard


Andrew Davis

PS if you want quick responses, it is better if you e-mail me directly at as I don't always get time to scan the bulletin board
Parent - - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 01-30-2007 15:55
We have two copies. BOTH have come loose at the spine.
Parent - - By QCCWI (***) Date 01-30-2007 17:34
My '06 copy has been reduced to loose leaf paper . The '02 copy I have is still in one peice and it has been abused time and time agian.
Parent - By jon20013 (*****) Date 02-15-2007 17:29
Sounds like a very fair offer being extended by AWS.  I'm pleased to see the Managing Director of Technical Services responding to these concerns.  To me, it speaks volumes of the Society's willingness to please it's customers and members.
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