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- - By Brainfarth (*) Date 02-02-2007 05:11
  I have the 9002X W/side windows.  I've been looking at the ProTop hardhat attatchment and can't seem to find specific information about it.  Does the strap only fit their hard hat, or is it for standard sizes?  Does anyone use these?  How does it compare to the standard pivot (02-0014-00NR)?  Also, I can't seem to find a part number for just the mechanical assembly.
  Any input on this would be much appriciated.

Parent - - By shooterfpga (*) Date 02-04-2007 00:09 Edited 02-04-2007 00:16
<img src=>

maybe these images will help you understand what the protop "rail" system does as compared to the universal slot adapter (rabbit ears). now as far as fitting other hard hats, im not sure if the strap is adjustable, but the speedglas hardhat has a small or non-existant brim to allow you to get a closer fit without having to reverse your hard hat and suspension.

04-0315-00 Speedglas ProTop strap ( for just the hardhat rail system )

04-0215-00 Speedglas ProTop hard hat with headgear
Parent - - By Brainfarth (*) Date 02-04-2007 07:07
  I bought the incert pivot ones (02-0014-00nr) and found that it hurts my neck when the hood is up in the air and I'm in a strange position.  It's too much weight too far away from my head.  So I am going to buy ProTop strap w/hard hat this weekand.  It was priced to me for about 80 bucks.  I'll wright back when I get it and let people know what I think of it.

Parent - By shooterfpga (*) Date 02-17-2007 09:26
have you recieved your order yet? let me know how you like it.
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