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- - By Harvard (*) Date 02-08-2007 00:49
Ok, I havent touched a piece of pipe in 2 years and I have just gotten a call from an Aluminum mill about 2 hours away from me. They want me to test for them. But, it is a 2" Schedule 80 6010 root, 7018 fill and cap. Can anyone give me any hints or tips and tricks on running the 6010? Havent ran that in about a year. Would I use a straight whip? Or go with the inverted T method?
Parent - - By syda (*) Date 02-08-2007 04:27
Harvard, 1 year is not a big issue if you know the technic how to travel 6010 in the root. Maintaning a correct angle is very importent as the pipe dia, is small. And also you have to travel fast with little high corrent to minimize restarting points and other problems. Bake the electrodes prioer to start welding. Try to do few pipes before go to the test to make yourself confidance. Filling layers with 7018 will not be problem if you could end up with propper root. REMBER -- Do not continue the weld if you make any mistake when welding. Just stop - grind and restart
Thanks and Good luck,
Parent - - By shooterfpga (*) Date 02-08-2007 17:06
wow you guys are allowed grinders during testing?
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 02-08-2007 17:44
Don't bake the 6010's. They're cellulosic and supposed to have some moisture in them. Is your test uphill or down on the root?
Parent - - By MNSTRBLDR (**) Date 02-08-2007 20:37
Good call on the rod baking js55, I say tight gap (as in basically no gap),3/32 6010, a little whip to open a key hole, and MOVE MOVE MOVE. Just my .02. Henry
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 02-08-2007 20:52
That's a pretty good 2 cents. Yeah, no bigger than 3/32 and move.
Parent - - By monsoon12 (**) Date 02-08-2007 21:22
Before you start your weld make sure your in a good position.Make sure your comfortable so you can focus on the weld.Sometimes i put the stinger in the vertical postion in my hand an incert the rod at the top of it keeping it vertical.This way when you run your pass at the 6 oclock position your coming straight up at it .Then as you move upward your moving your hand an arm insink.Another trick is when you start your root pass dont start right in the joint.Start of to the side alittle an bring the rod into the joint.This way you are good an hot when you start off.If they allow it an they have a sand blaster,blast each pass after welding.Some people wont let you do it but ive seen it done an with great results.Also get a feel for the machine you will be using for the test.Run a couple passes vertical on some scrap.I also take 1 min an close my eyes before i start.Basically to relax myself an get focused.Good luck to you,
Parent - - By MNSTRBLDR (**) Date 02-08-2007 23:03
I would be very careful about where you are striking your arc. I (as an inspector) don't want to see any arc strike outside of the joint. The same thing can be accomplished by striking in the joint and long arcing for a split second to heat the rod. I like a tight gap for the simple fact that I can decide how much I penetrate. If you start with a gap thats too big, you just have to try to fill it and still get good pen. and not too much. If the gap is small, the pen. more lyes in your heat. I contol the pipe, the pipe does'nt control me that way. Also, 2" heats up real quick, so the more meat you have to work with the better. Again, just .02 more cents. Henry
Parent - - By Harvard (*) Date 02-09-2007 02:56
Hey thanks everyone. The test is uphill and I do believe with an 1/8 gap and 1/8 inch 6010 root and 3/32 7018 Hot pass, and 1/8" 7018 fill and cap. I am taking the test on Tuesday at 11:30. Im nervous, but I think that i can get it.
Thanks Alot,
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 02-09-2007 15:03
Personally I think 1/8" gap is too big. And remember with uphill the bigger the gap the bigger the landing or you'll lose control of your heat. I also think 1/8" rod is too big, for both the 6010 and the 7018. Not saying it can't be done. Its done like that every day. Its just tougher to control. Depends on your level of skill. To me the trick uphill is to step out enough to let the puddle cool while at the same time not enlarging your keyhole too much. Step back and deposit watching the edges, and then step out again. Its all rhythm. Not easy to do on something so small. By the time you come off your tacks your already at the next one.
Parent - - By Harvard (*) Date 02-10-2007 01:49
Thanks for that. I just talked to a guy that is a welder in the plant, and he suggested the same thing. He said he ran about a dime size or nickel sized land with 3/32 all the way. I am going to try it. He also said that I mite have more then one shot at this (hopefully I wont need!).But, i thank everyone for there help. I am going to go and get a small box of 6010 tommorrow and practice some, on plate though.
Thanks Again,
Parent - By medicinehawk (**) Date 02-10-2007 17:20
Chris, I would use 1/8" 6010 with a 3/32" gap and a nickel land. Be sure to "feather" your tacks which means thin it out with a grinder where the tack starts and stops ,but leave some meat in the middle of the tack. Most pipe tests I have taken allow use of a grinder. Usually, you can tack the coupon on the bench and then fix it to the stanchion where it is put in the 6-G. Examine the tacked up coupon carefully and should you have 1/4 of the coupon tighter than the other 3 quarters......make sure that is on the bottom (between 3 o'clock and 9 0'clock) because you want to do this quarter first. Assuming all goes well with the root pass, grind it out so it is smooth with no slag showing and then run your hot pass. I would use 90 amps and go as fast as possible(travel speed) and as far as possible with 3/32" 7018 and grind the stop & start. IF you travel too slow or use too much heat, you risk blowing a hole in a perfectly good root which could be a disaster. The key is really not to grind out too much and really pay attention to the puddle when you are laying down the hot pass.
Once you have a good root & hot pass, you can crank up the heat even more which will help burn out any slag, plus will help eliminate porosity which is the major cause of failure of pipe tests, IMO.
Good luck with that.
Parent - - By Sourdough (****) Date 02-10-2007 19:51
3 c's: CALM, CLEAN, and COMFORTABLE. And don't be afraid to try a bigger gap and land either. Before long you will be able to make this root pass without even looking at it. Remember, you need at least 92 amps with 1/8" rod for a good penetration root.
As far as your filler and cap: HEAT is the most important issue with Low hydrogen rod. Hot on your overhead, then cool it down when you start verticle, and even cooler when you round the topside. Plenty of quick oscillation underneath to compensate for the heat. Whoever does the exray and bend test will look closely at the underside of the pipe. This is where most guys screw up on a test.
Good luck, I'm sure you'll nail it.
Parent - - By Harvard (*) Date 02-10-2007 21:03
Hey thanks again. I am going to try and be calm, but, whenever I take a test, my nerves get the best of me. I am already starting to get nervous. And, I went today and got some 6010 to pratice, hopefully that will help.
Parent - - By trlblzr302 (**) Date 02-11-2007 12:40
Another 3-C's to go by are Calm-Cool-Collective.... Focus and Visualize for Success...  When you are practicing think about the "test"
(start-finish) When you are taking the test think about "welding on a jobsite".. Hang in there and you will deliver...


Parent - - By turbolaser (**) Date 02-11-2007 14:44
Good luck on the test.  One thing I always find out before taking a 6g is what exactly are they testing.  Are they xraying the whole pipe or are the taking coupons and where are they taking the coupons from, as this will change where you want to have your stop/starts.  75% of the 6g's that I have taken have been 4 coupons- 2,5,7,and 11 0'clock areas.  And always double check if you can grind, it always changes depending on what the company sending you for the test requires.  I have only been able to grind start stops, but I have heard of people being able to grind as much of the weld as they wanted  <--how could you possibly fail doing this, should earn you a grinding cert not a weld cert.  The best thing to do is too not think of it as a test but just another joint in a pipe run, keep your mind at ease. 
Parent - - By makeithot (***) Date 02-13-2007 23:37
3/32 root opening and land. I like to make a stop and start just before tack so I can go through it with a clean rod there is less chance of finger- nailing and the tack always comes out clean. Make sure the key hole is no bigger then the end of the rod.
Parent - - By Harvard (*) Date 02-14-2007 00:10
Yes that is what I did. I dont know about this though. I took it today, well I am a little bit nervous about this. I had to run the 3/32 on DCEP, and from what I was taught, and what I remeber was DCEN. But, It mite work, the root went in fine with enough pen and the 7018 looked decent. At least from my eyes. I am always nervous when I test, I know I can do better when its not. I will know more tomorrow or Thursday.
Parent - - By Sourdough (****) Date 02-14-2007 01:13
I'm sure you did fine! If not, you will be less nervous next time.

It's like getting in a fight, sometimes you gotta do it even if you really dont wanna. If you keep your head and can see through stars, you will win! 

If you lose, you will likely make less mistakes and win the next time!

The good thing about tests is that you don't have 2 black eyes for a week,  (unless you didn't tack your test good enough to the table) !?
Parent - - By Harvard (*) Date 02-14-2007 13:49
Well, i just got the call and I PASSED!!!! Now, I can stop sweating bullets.. I am very happy now.
Thanks Everybody,
P.S. The first frosty beverage is on me!
Parent - - By Sourdough (****) Date 02-14-2007 17:29
Right on brother! Well it's only 11am, but I think I'll enjoy a frosty 6 pack for you!!
Parent - - By Harvard (*) Date 02-14-2007 17:34
I am right there with you!!
Parent - - By Sourdough (****) Date 02-14-2007 17:35
Let the good times roll!
Parent - - By trlblzr302 (**) Date 02-14-2007 22:11
Nice going Chris...  Keep up the good work...

Parent - By makeithot (***) Date 02-16-2007 00:02
nice going and congrates so party on.
Parent - By medicinehawk (**) Date 02-16-2007 10:18
Way to go Chris!
Be  Well.

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