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- - By 2003440 (**) Date 02-11-2007 15:22
Can any one tell me the phone numbers or where to buy a wendy's or sarges pancake hood.
Parent - - By boiler tube (*) Date 02-11-2007 16:28
Check out Ram Welding Supply at
I know they sell right and left hand hoods

Good luck, boiler tube
Parent - By 2003440 (**) Date 02-13-2007 06:56
i was looking for a sarges or wendys pancake hood my sarges is falling appart.thanks for the help.
Parent - - By darren (***) Date 02-15-2007 22:53
What is a pancake hood?
I googled and got this question on this forum, but no sites i could see one.
interested to see what one is
Parent - By 2003440 (**) Date 02-15-2007 23:05
Sorry the term should have been Pancake Shields!
Parent - - By IRWelder (*) Date 02-16-2007 02:00 Edited 02-16-2007 02:03
Hey all,
Check out the photos of this companies work and you will see a pancke hood in use.
It is a shield attached to a balsa wood goggle setup. Very common in the states with pipeliners from what I can gather. Comes in a right hand or left hand version.
Parent - - By clack6010 (*) Date 02-16-2007 04:32
they are damn good because no light can come in from the back , making your weld a lot easier to see

for me its depends what kind of work im doin if i wear that or my fibermetal pipeliner.
if your grinding or brushin alot pancakes suck because you cant wear big safety glasses with it.
Parent - By 2003440 (**) Date 02-16-2007 23:42
Also when a  guy is in the hole it is alot cooler, and is nice because it is smaller and lighter on a guy when room is a factor.i like my pipeliner hood for the protection factor though.
Parent - - By IRWelder (*) Date 02-17-2007 03:08
Here is the website for Wendy's Pancakes
Parent - By darren (***) Date 02-18-2007 07:15
Thanks for website, would like to try one. will look on ebay for a while and see.
Parent - By Sourdough (****) Date 02-17-2007 23:28
Have water jet, will cut out any pattern you send me in a jpeg file for the face plate!!
Parent - - By roddburner56 Date 03-03-2007 01:48
there is an original sarges pancake hood with a american optical shade 10 lens up for bid on e-bay
Parent - - By darren (***) Date 03-04-2007 08:17
It says 499.00 as a starting price is that correct?
Parent - By 2003440 (**) Date 03-05-2007 17:07
That guy is insane if he thinks someone will buy it when you can order a new shield from sarges for 60.00!
Parent - - By 2003440 (**) Date 03-05-2007 17:08
hey rodburner thanks for the info to much for this poor guy!
Parent - By Root Pass (***) Date 03-06-2007 02:47
Sarge's 1-800- 396- 4065
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