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- - By new tito (***) Date 02-13-2007 19:41
I recently had an RT crew come out and RT 123 welds over 2 days (sat. and sun.).  By the end of both days, there were zero rejects.  When I came in Monday and started reviewing film, I had noted 7 questionable indications.  I did not call these rejects, but wanted to get a second level II with the same RT co. to re-evaluate these 7 indications. 

Now heres what the indications were on a few of them - the "fingernail" as it's been referred to, due it's shape.  I've always been told that when pretty dark, these indications are non-fusion. 

The level II re-evaluating said that he was always told that these were incomplete penetration.  I've ALWAYS seen IP as a very straight line from where the root of the joint does not get penetrated.

What are these "fingernails"?

I realize sometimes they could be slag, but not too sure about agreeing with the IP. 

Parent - By Sourdough (****) Date 02-13-2007 22:17
It all depends on what the welder was doing either on the root, hot, or cap passes. The only real way to tell is, of course, inspect it hands on!
Parent - - By thirdeye (***) Date 02-13-2007 22:39
new tito,

By fingernails, are you referring to something higher up on the bevel like this?

You are correct about typical IP, it looks like this.

Parent - - By new tito (***) Date 02-14-2007 15:23
Here's my thinking of "fingernails".  I beleive they are indications created at the start/stop point.  I think they are where the welder stops his travel and where it is supposed to tie in to the beginning of that pass on the same layer.  I looked through my agfa reference book and for slag inclusions it had these exact "fingetnails I decribe.  Which seem very logical in that if the weld "rolls" at the termination of the pass, that slag can get trapped in there.  But it also seems logical that it can "roll" over without slag being trapped which is essentially like a "cold lap" which is non-fusion.  As for location, it varies.   

My work computer has a firewall, so I can't see the pics.  I'll try to look at them at home. 
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 02-14-2007 15:35
If by fingernails you mean a crescent shaped density perpendicular to the axis of the weld I would think that if it cannot be seen on the ID (which would indicate concavity, probably at a start/stop as you suggest), it would be fusion or slag on the fill passes,again probably at a start/stop. The crescent shape would be caused by the solidification front of the stop edge.
Parent - By new tito (***) Date 02-14-2007 16:33
That is exactly what it is as you describe.  There were 7 total film that I pulled out that were questionable.  There were actually a few more that I did not question due to lack of density; meaning the ones I pulled out were noticeably darker than the ones I passed on.  The lighter density "fingernails" I chocked off to either possible slag or a possible large "ripple" on the root.

Thanks for the help guys.
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