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- - By elliott fama (*) Date 02-22-2007 00:11
hows it going everybody,J ust wondering if anybody has used the htp invertig 201 and how it might compare to the miller dynasty 200 dx . Thanks
Parent - - By Molten Metal (**) Date 02-22-2007 01:21
One thing I would like you to consider.I own some HTP equipment,and,it is quality machinery.however,whenever you have to get a part,or any service done,99% of the time you have to deal directly with Jeff Noland and his staff.They are nice and helpful,but,when your in the middle of a job and you need somthing,you cant just run down to Cameron,Airgas etc. and get what you need.They are also a bit decieving as they would have you believe by reading there catalog and website that they are made 100% in the U>S>A> They are not.They are not chinese junk and are made in european countrys,but they certainly lead you down the road of thought that their product is u.s.a. made.I would honestly stay with red or blue,or maybe even ESAB as they have a cool little inverter too.Just my 2 cents.G...........
Parent - - By elliott fama (*) Date 02-22-2007 11:21
thanks for the info .Thats what i was thinking about availablity of the parts would be .Around hear everybody use lincoln or miller. The price for the htp  is very good ,.You can buy it with water cooler for about 2800.00. Thanks again
Parent - By makeithot (***) Date 02-22-2007 18:22
MM makes a good point and for myself availability of parts and survice is the most important issue when purchasing new or used equipment. I have never had a problem with blue or red for that matter, can't comment on ESAP though.
Parent - By yorkiepap (***) Date 02-23-2007 03:55
Hey Gary,
I gotta agree with you regarding HTP. A steel door company in our industrial complex where I work uses nothing but HTP. They have 4 units and are quite pleased with the service these units provide. No problems at all and they do keep a small supply of consumables on hand. The welding supplier they get their gas, wire & stick electrodes has always had what they needed for their HTP equip..

My company has a Lincoln MIG and an ESAB Plasma Cutter and we never have a problem getting what we need. I will say that both units get a lot of work each week and in the 7 years I've been there, not one operating issue has arisen. I go thru on average a 33lb. spool of wire every 6 weeks on the Lincoln 255, and 6 tips & diffusers on the ESAB. The name brands are the better investments for the long haul IMHO......Denny
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / what inverter to buy

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