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- - By Stephan (***) Date 02-22-2007 05:49
Dear all!

Once again it appears that I have a slight problem with an exceed in text length limitation.

I would like to reply to "hogan's" post on topic "worm holes, chicken tracks..." and what should I say, unfortunately it seems that my post again is a bit too long?

Might one of the site administrators be so kind and can extend the limit..?

I remember Ross Hancock was so kind once in the past.

Thank you very much in advance and regards,
Parent - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 02-22-2007 06:50
May I present you with a suggestion Stephan?

If you have access to some sort of .pdf conversion application or even Adobe acrobat complete I mean, not just the reader - you can certainly attach the .pdf to your post or, as a MS word .doc if you do'nt want to convert the document into .pdf. One can also divide the contents into 2 posts with attachments if deemed necessary in order to include the entire contents of one's subject matter, message or whatever else one wants to title it as. Hope this helps.

Parent - - By Cgregory (**) Date 02-22-2007 16:10
I've extended the limit by another 5000 characters. 

-- christine
Parent - By Stephan (***) Date 02-22-2007 16:44
Dear Christine and Dear Henry!

Thank you both for your kindly support in regard to my "problem" (Mea culpa!)...

As I have first read Henry's reply I thought by myself "Bingo!" This is it...

But due to Christine was so friendly and having extended the length limitation, I am glad it has been sufficient to could place the response in its "Original-Condition"!

Once more thank you very much and my best wishes,
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