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- - By jp2welder (**) Date 03-05-2007 17:38
Hey Pipeliners,

How do you protect those Oxy and Acetylene regulators on your rigs? That's easily $500 sitting on my rig when I walk into Wal-Mart or if I have to park my rig outside overnight.

I know the best thing to do would be to remove the regulators and lock them in the toolbox, but that doesn't always happen.

I was surprised when the local welding shop said they didn't have anything for doing this.
Parent - By makeithot (***) Date 03-06-2007 00:26
Alot of guys set them up so they are inside a one of the tool boxes. But if you do not have a flat deck set up then you may not have that option. I set mine up with QD's so that they do go inside the cab when not in use.
Parent - - By cmays (***) Date 03-06-2007 00:32
I think the high pressure valve guards that open and close over your regulators have a tab on them for pad locks. The ones I got have them. Even with the guards I still take off my regulaors when I stay over night some where. It doesnt really matter how good you lock stuff up if they want it bad enough they will steal it. You could get you the meanest damn dog out there and put him on a short leash on your truck bed. Im interested to hear some other responces though since I have been a victum of this misfortune as well.
Parent - - By coalsmoke (*) Date 03-06-2007 01:01
Well, I am not a pipeliner (yet) but do own and operate a welding rig, and I have found that between the risk of theft, damage from flying rocks on gravel roads, and the added attention from DOT, I just take mine off at the end of each day and lock them up out of sight in a cabinet. For me, I do most of my work T&M, so its not much of an issue for my line of work, just takes 3-4 minutes and everything is put back away and capped all up.
Parent - - By jp2welder (**) Date 03-06-2007 14:05

I agree: Taking the regulators off and locking them in the toolbox for the evening is the best solution. My situation is probably a little different than most, since I'm a moonlighting welder. Some nights I'll get 2 separate calls for short 30-minute jobs: One at 5:30 PM, and the next at 9 PM. After a while, the lazy factor kicked in, and now the regulators stay on the bottles.

Will the connectors ever wear out from all that "on and off" action? I crank down pretty good when putting my regulators on, and my brass "regulator nuts" (LOL - that sounds funny) look like they might eventually wear out.
Parent - By 357max (***) Date 03-06-2007 19:42
If you use a proper fitting and correct size, quality brand (Craftsman, Snap-On, MAC etc.) open end flare nut wrench, not the multi-tool wrenches sold through distributors. And do not use the adjustable wrenches, the brass connections/fittings, both cylinder and hose, will last for a very long time. The convenient multi-tool & adjustable wrenches even vise grip pliers have been used to destroy alot of brass fittings.
Parent - - By makeithot (***) Date 03-06-2007 20:27
As 357max has stated if you use the right wrench instead of an adjustable they will last forever. You should note though that brass fittings do not require an exsessive amount of torque in order to make a good seal. I generally turn them in by hand ,then use a wrench to snug'em up. 
Parent - By jp2welder (**) Date 03-06-2007 20:32
Sounds like I need to stop using that 12" Crecent wrench!
Parent - By billvanderhoof (****) Date 03-06-2007 22:54
In the unlikely event that the nut does wear out you can replace the connector on the regulator without buying the whole regulator.  It's just a pipe thread, work clean and carefully and you can do it yourself.  Be really careful not to let any teflon tape fragments get inside.  The welding supply will usually have the connector.
Parent - - By Sourdough (****) Date 03-07-2007 23:35
90 pound pitbull named "Butterbean". Does the trick for me.
Parent - By jp2welder (**) Date 03-08-2007 14:02
Hey Sourdough,
I was wondering how long it would take you to chime in. You were the first one I thought of when I started writing this post out to the pipeliners. I started to put your name out on the subject, but then I said, "Nah!"
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