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- - By - Date 05-15-2000 20:52
We are currently performing radiographic inspection on an aluminum boat, and have used an iridium source. ASME
section V says that I can do that, provided we meet sensitivity level. I've read in AWS where iridium is prohibited
on aluminum below 2.5". Is this the case, even if we meet sensitivity on penetrameter?

Parent - By R. Johnson (**) Date 05-16-2000 18:51
AWS D1.1 does not prohibit Iridium 192. There may be other welding codes and standards that may prohibit Iridium 192, what welding code are you welding the boat to? That code will tell you whether it is acceptable or not.
Personally I see no problem used Iridium 192, as l;ong as you are getting correct film densities and the relevant penny hole size is readily seen.
Parent - By - Date 05-29-2000 02:21
With no specific Navy specifications or local jurisdictional rules ABS or the American Bureau Of Shipping generally Governs surface Vessels. This society has a specific document for Rules For Building and Classing Al Vessels as well as Rules for NDE of Hull welds and even though it has been years since I worked in the ship building industry ( including Al hulls) I cannot recall this type of restriction for a source only the phrase

An acceptable radiographic technique is to be followed such as that indicated in ASTM E142 or other recognized standard

Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Inspection

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