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- - By Bill M (***) Date 04-03-2007 15:47
A welder qualifies to make butt joints using a "hand held" FCAW gun.

Question #1:  Is this same individual also qualified as a "welding operator" to operate equipment and make a identical butt weld using the same FCAW process and procedure, with equipment that automatically holds the gun and travels (Buggo type) down the joint? 

Question #2:  What if we had a fully automatic, laser guided FCAW device...would the same qualified welder then have to requalify and weld a coupon using that type equipment?  At what point do you quality the robot ....or each robot operator?
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 04-03-2007 18:53
To start with, you may need to provide the code with which you are working in order to get specific, but in general, if memory serves, the variables required of semi automatic welding FCAW are available for machine welding (of which there are 7 I think in ASME 9) with due limitation of the particular variables of each code.
thi swill also detemrine whether a seperate robot qual is necessary which isn't addressed in either AWS D1.1 or ASME 9.
Parent - - By Bill M (***) Date 04-03-2007 19:53
sorry 'bout that.  - AWS D1.1
Parent - - By geralderik (*) Date 04-03-2007 20:29
AWS D1.1 2006
Puedes obtener tus respuestas en :
Referencia 4.22
Ver table 4.12

Nota b
Un soldador calificado por SAW, GMAW, FCAW o GTAW debe estar considerado calificado como WELDING OPERATOR en el mismo proceso y sujeto a las limitaciones de las variables escenciales.

Erik S.
Parent - - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 04-04-2007 08:36
Hello EriK S.!

Please do not take my suggestion as being offensive but, since the thread was started in the english or something close to the english language for all the folks who only speak "The Kings' English", I believe that it would be more appropriate for you to share your observations to the rest of the participants here - also in english instead of spanish since most of the participants in this forum speak english and would have no idea what you are writing about - comprende? Btw, I do understand what you wrote however, would'nt it be better if everyone else also had the opportunity to understand what you wrote also? Onc again, please do not take my suggestion as my being offensive towards you.

Parent - By UCSB (**) Date 04-04-2007 22:00
ssbn727- Thanks, I agree with you. No appoligies given.

(in So Cal)
Parent - By geralderik (*) Date 04-07-2007 14:34
DonĀ“t Worry
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