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- - By Bill M (***) Date 07-30-2007 13:11
(FCAW  AWS Code)  
If a welder is qualified with a hand held FCAW torch, does he have to re-qualify as a welding operator if he puts the same torch into a buggo type tractor and makes the same weld he is qualified to make by hand?
Parent - - By gkcwi (**) Date 07-30-2007 19:07
I guess the answer would be,who's asking. "Welder-One who performs manual or semiautomatic welding. Welding Operator-One who operates adaptive control, automatic, mechanized, or robotic welding equipment." I was told once if the welding gun is not in the hands of the person performing the "ACT" of welding, then they are in-fact, WELDING OPERATORS.  I've used that thought so far.
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 07-30-2007 19:21
Table 4.12 Note b
Parent - - By Mwccwi (***) Date 07-30-2007 22:19
Table 4.12 Note b

OF what AWS has a few codes.
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 07-31-2007 13:15
06 D1.1
Parent - By Bill M (***) Date 07-31-2007 14:49
Thnx guys.
Parent - - By HgTX (***) Date 08-06-2007 20:22
I don't see a similar footnote in D1.5 Table 5.7.  Does this mean that for D1.5 he *would* have to requalify if he put his torch into a buggo?

Parent - By js55 (*****) Date 08-06-2007 21:31
I'm gussing so. Though I don't have a D1.5 available. That would actually be consistent with ASME, which is interesting. Perhaps some of the bridge guys can answer.
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