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- - By melnsandy Date 10-29-2007 21:29
I am trying to get a mig cheap.  I purchased a used arc-master 500 on ebay, without manuals wiring etc.  this is a robot welder I assume from a production line.  It came with the pendant that plugs into front, and a very used motoman feeder.  I emailed both hobart welders and hobart bros.  so far neither have responded to my question.  Can this unit be used manually?  Can I get a manual?  Since this is a very complex unit I would like to know it it works before sinking alot more money in it.  Could I use a miller wirefeeder? and  tweeco gun?  Any help would be appreciated. 
Parent - - By SWP (**) Date 10-30-2007 13:19
You're aware this power supply requires 3 phase power?
Yes you can use this for manual welding, SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and GMAW-P.
You can adapt the tweeco gun.  Not sure about the Miller feeder, but I suspect if you can identify the pin-outs on the Hobart and the Miller, you could make a cable.
For the manual, I think I've seached the web without any luck, but try Thermal Arc, they handled this power supply after Hobart.
Parent - By MDG Custom Weld (***) Date 10-30-2007 16:01
The Motoman feeder is just a re-labled Hobart feeder.  You can use any torch on the market by simply getting the proper power pin adaptor for the feeder.  I don't think that the miller feeder will run on the same voltage as the motoman/ hobart feeder, so I don't think another brand of feeder will work.
Parent - By KSellon (****) Date 10-30-2007 17:38 Edited 10-30-2007 17:44
What is the spec number of the machine? About 10 years ago Hobart was divided, Miller took the 250amp and below and Thermal Arc 250 amp and up.

Here is a link to online TA manuals, not all their machines are listed.
Scroll all the way t the bottom of the list for your wire feeder, you will have to match it to one listed. (17A or 2410)

Thermal Arc tech 800-462-2782
Parent - - By melnsandy Date 10-30-2007 19:32
Thanks for the help.  I am not sure of numbers rite now.  Wrote everything down, but dont have it with me.  The feeder has no info on it.  Just safty stickers and a motoman label that was never filled out.  I followed the link to manuals,  Great help.  thanks.   I do remember the serial is 500003  3,  nema type,  what ever that is.  The sales  literature doesnt match my unit.  Theirs is red with more controls,  Mine is black/silver face, white sides/top.  I will try to research it more . 
thanks again
Parent - - By melnsandy Date 10-30-2007 20:00
The feeder has no control , just  a motor  gears, gas selenoid. I may have wrongly assumed the  powersupply, ran feeder. on back of powersupply, are two plug ins marked cb1, and cb2,  one is 120v, 2 is 24v,  both 10a. elmer
Parent - By MDG Custom Weld (***) Date 10-31-2007 12:22
The feeder is ment to run any given speed based on the analog voltage signal (1-10VDC) from the robot.  You might be able to use the pendant that you mentioned above to control the wire feed speed?
Parent - By James Gezelman Date 04-03-2017 14:47
I don't know if you ever got your 500 going but I bought a few and am selling my last one. You can use say a Miller S32P or a Lincoln LN22 or LN25 just put it on Local not Remote and unplug all that other junk that is of no use to you at all. Take your power and ground off the two front lower lugs and go for it. If you can make the motorman unit work you will have saved a lot of money. Too bad I don't live next door.  Good Luck You might be able to get more info at 800-462-2782 Have all the serial#s and all the information on that machine as All were 3 phase but some were wired just for a certain voltage and some for four different voltages.
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