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- - By Bryan Bidewell (*) Date 11-05-2007 09:31
In AWSD1.1 in makes a number of references to 'a welder and/or welding operator' e.g. test plate diagrams vary for a welder to welding operator. Can somebody help explain the difference between a welder and a welding operator if there are any and if not why the different set ups?
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 11-05-2007 13:01
Here is a great explaination from Ken Coryell

He will give you a good explaination of the differences between welders and welding operators as defined in AWS A3.0   He also says many other things worth listening to.

If you ever see Ken listed as a speaker or teacher... Pay the money and go!
Parent - By swnorris (****) Date 11-05-2007 14:20
A welder performs manual or semi-automatic welding, and a welding operator operates adaptive control, automatic, mechanized. or robotic welding equipment.
Parent - - By ctacker (****) Date 06-27-2008 16:59
the article you linked us to says "A welder is not qualified to be a welding operator and vise-versa."
D1.1(2006) table 4.12 note b contradicts that!

What I need to know is if my welders are qualified to run semi-auto are they also qualified to run a robot (considering they are trained in robotic welding" without retesting with the bot?
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 06-27-2008 18:33
The way I read it is that  A welder is qualified to do automated work without further examination. (this may take some training)

but a machine operator must do the manual performance quals before they become welders.

So you may need to retrain with the bot... But if the work they are doing is within the ranges they are already qualified, why test them again?
Parent - By ctacker (****) Date 06-27-2008 20:01
The way I read it in the codebook is a welder is qualified as an operator. but I find nowhere where an operator has to manually qualify to be an operator. he can qualify on a bot and be qualified as an operator. I got a bit confused when i read the article and read a welder is not qualified as an operator and vice versa!
Parent - By Jeffrey Grady (***) Date 06-28-2008 04:41
Thanks for posting that Pdf. It helped me with some questions i had. I saved it to my Favorites.
Respectfully, Jeffrey
Parent - - By pax23 (**) Date 11-06-2007 18:49
Definitions straight from D1.1:2006, Annex K

welder. One who performs a manual or semiautomatic welding operation.

welding operator. One who operates adaptive control, automatic, mechanized, or robotic welding equipment.
Parent - - By pax23 (**) Date 11-06-2007 18:52
more relevant definitions from D1.1:2006, Annex K:

manual welding. Welding with the torch, gun or electrode holder held and manipulated by hand. Accessory equipment, such as part motion devices and manually controlled filler material feeders may be used. See automatic welding, machine welding, and semiautomatic welding.

semiautomatic welding. Manual welding with equipment that automatically controls one or more of the welding conditions.

automatic welding. Welding with equipment that requires only occasional or no observation of the welding, and no manual adjustment of the equipment controls. Variations of this term are automatic brazing, automatic soldering, automatic thermal cutting, and automatic thermal spraying.
Parent - - By pax23 (**) Date 11-06-2007 18:55
If you still are not clear on the definitions and you have a copy of AWS Welding Handbook Volume 1, 9th Edition laying around, open it up to page 453. There's a good table/chart that makes it very clear; the best I've seen.
Parent - By Bryan Bidewell (*) Date 11-07-2007 08:26
Ok thanks guys, I understand this now!
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