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- - By - Date 05-23-2000 15:04
I am not a welder, Iā€™m looking for information on how I should have a galvanized trailer that has been cut in half welded back together. It is a 2ā€ x 1.5ā€ rectangular beam. Should another piece of galvanized metal be used to weld the parts together? What type of welder should I look for.

Thanks any help is appreciated

Parent - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 05-23-2000 21:32
You've already read the answer I've given to Mr. Gibbon's question on the same subject. If you definetely need to weld the your beam, you should follow strictly Mr. Johnson's recommendation. It's the best procedure to weld galvanized steel. The zinc rich primer that you'll apply is called (wrongly) "cold galvanization". Actually it's no galvanization at all. Galvanization is obtained in two ways: by eletrolysis and by hot dipping. Anyway, as I said, there's no better way than that to weld galvanized steel.
Now, in your case you want to fix up a 2 x 1,5 inches beam, which is a small piece of steel. Is it that expensive? I'd guess no.
My advice is to do a fine job, buy a new beam and replace the broken one.
Giovanni S. Crisi
Sao Paulo - Brazil
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Welding Galvanized ?

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