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- - By jawtig (*) Date 03-14-2008 16:06
I'm trying to find a company to give me shot. I just graduated top of my class from Tulsa Welding School in Jax, fl. I am proficient in TIG and absolutly hate E6010. I have a strong auto mechanic back ground. I don't wan to spin wrenches on cars. I would like to learn boiler making since I could use welding and mechanics together.
If you know of anyone that would give me a shot to get my foot in the door and prove myself please let me know. I'm willing to relocate and go on the road. I have tools and a truck, and am able to buy what ever tools I dont have.
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 03-14-2008 17:40
What part of the E6010 do you not like?
To help make yourself more marketable, maybe we can offer some help to you get past that part ;-)
Parent - - By jawtig (*) Date 03-26-2008 17:02
I have had a difficult time with using them to put the root in. On my bend tests I have more than an 1/8 inch in defects and some times they crack. I have played with amp adjustments, hot start, travel speed, shorteniing the whip and pause and trying to push the electrode through for better penitration on the bottom of the 5G, and my 6G roots all fall to the bottom land.
Parent - - By KENNY629 (**) Date 05-31-2008 19:53
CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN.......... thats what my teacher told me ever day!!!!!!
Parent - - By jawtig (*) Date 06-19-2008 07:08
I have cleaned any and all rust inside and out. IT is not the Cleaning aspect of it. It is the lack of fusion.
Parent - By KENNY629 (**) Date 06-20-2008 23:25
Parent - By welder6g (**) Date 04-17-2009 14:58
- By msignatieva27 Date 10-30-2017 15:59
Up Topic Sections / Section 112: Florida West Coast / Entry level welder

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