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- - By 52lincoln (***) Date 03-22-2008 17:48
Does anybody know anything about the miller big 20??I can buy one cheap,but I know anything about them.Does anybody know if you can get parts for them and stuff like that??
Parent - - By TRC (***) Date 03-22-2008 20:28
I had the misfortune of using them for years during the 80's. They are the worst machines for DH 6010 one can imagine. They had no arc force at all. These were the machines that gave Miller a bad name on pipeline projects IMO. The company I worked for had about six of them on rigs, we had to make our own remotes to try and compensate for the lousy arc. Because the arc would go out whenever you pushed on it a little you had to compensate by increasing amperage which caused internal undercut on the bead. It would run 7018 and jet rod just fine. They were a good reliable machine and parts should not be a problem but still check with a local distributor to be sure.
Parent - - By 52lincoln (***) Date 03-22-2008 20:37
my friend is buying it.he asked me about it but i dont know.he has one of my sa200s right now.he just welds around on his ranch.i told him that it probably would soot him better because it has ac power for running lights at night and he dont have to worry about what he plugs up to it.thanks for your 600 on a trailer to much?
Parent - By TRC (***) Date 03-22-2008 20:47
$600 sounds good if it's been taken care of. Ted
Parent - - By SPARKYCA (**) Date 03-22-2008 21:59 Edited 03-22-2008 22:04
I had a big 20 on my truck in the oilfield for approx 10 years. I think it had about 6-7000 hrs on it when I finally pentioned it off, but it was still working good. This was partly due to proper maintenance & care. The only thing more I could have wished from it was more aux. power for running an air compressor etc. Parts are still available for them.  I run diesel machines now because they use less fuel.  -WS
Parent - By 52lincoln (***) Date 03-22-2008 23:28
       i think it is in  real good shape,you just cant read the face plate from the sun fading it out.i guess you can get those like you can for the 200' old man had it and decided he didnt need it anymore.i have found that the worst thing you can do to a welder is just let it sit around,they are made to be used.
Parent - - By 52lincoln (***) Date 03-22-2008 23:52
my friend called me and said it dont idle up when you strike an arc,but it still will weld,is that normal?
Parent - - By SPARKYCA (**) Date 03-23-2008 00:20 Edited 03-23-2008 00:47
I believe it should rev up to 1800 rpm with the auto idle switch in the on position. At the miller website ( millerwelds ) under the resourses tab ,owners manual , you can find and download the original owners manual that came with the big 20. There is a troubleshooting guide in there.
Parent - By 52lincoln (***) Date 03-23-2008 00:54
Parent - - By 52lincoln (***) Date 03-25-2008 01:11
how do you get to the brushes?
Parent - - By KSellon (****) Date 03-25-2008 20:17
They sit in a holder, and you need to remove the holder. Usually a faulty connection at the rheostat will cause no hi idle, because the machine doesn't know its in use.
Parent - - By 52lincoln (***) Date 03-26-2008 02:30
it will idle up when you it the switch,just not when you hit a grinder or try to strike an arc.i will try to get it apart and check theres a lot of stuff going on under that hood LOL!!!it makes you appreciate those sa 200's more.thanks for your help.
Parent - - By KSellon (****) Date 03-26-2008 13:41
Just ran into it yesterday on the same machine. Check your connections to the rheostat, etc.
Parent - - By 52lincoln (***) Date 03-26-2008 21:25
Parent - By Sourdough (****) Date 06-24-2008 05:24
man, I've been using a 20 on a 24" 188 pipeline, and I love it. Don't know what the squeelin is about.

The only thing I hate about them is that they are so big..........
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