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- - By Mat (***) Date 06-10-2008 11:49
In general, do you need your TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) to carry compressed gasses on a motorized vehicle?  I know from province to province or state to state, it'll probably varry, but it's something I have yet to look into.
Parent - - By MDG Custom Weld (***) Date 06-10-2008 14:43
I think it's based on the amount of each substance you have in the truck.  If your the independant welding contractor with a few bottles to support your rig, then maybe not, but if your the gas supply store and have 10+ on board, then maybe so.
Parent - - By ravi theCobra (**) Date 06-10-2008 16:16
The limits  in  the U.S.  are  over 1,000  #   require  placarding   but  you  can  placard  less -
Parent - By rlitman (***) Date 06-10-2008 16:33
Although, that 1000lbs INCLUDES the containers (so it includes the weight of the empty tanks, etc.), and not just the hazardous contents.
Parent - - By IRWelder (*) Date 06-11-2008 01:11
Hi Mat,
No, welders are exempt from having TDG training to carry cylinders. Here is a  qoute from the TDG handbook.
"Special Situations, Gases In Cylinders:
Sometimes called the welder's exemption. It is used by people who carry compressed gas, including Acetylene, compressed air, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and propane.
The exemption allows up to 5 cylinders with a total gross weight of up to 500 KG without a shipping document. The driver is not required to have a training certificate.
The cylinders must be properly labeled and the labels must be visible from outside the vehicle."

TDG is a federal thing in Canada so should be applicable coast to coast. I recently contacted our local TDG official, (Grande Prairie, AB.) and he affirmed what the book said.

By the way I like you signature line!! LOL
Parent - By Mat (***) Date 06-15-2008 09:30 Edited 06-15-2008 09:37
Hey, a bit delayed on my part, but thanks for the replies!

At most, the chebby will have an oxygen, acetelyne and a propane bottle.

On the signature, I grew up in a national park.  As much fun as it was letting the animals have all the fun, I always thought that it would be great to pelt the tourists that would constantly slam on the brakes in the middle of the highway when they saw an elk, mountain goat, coyote, deer, grizzly, etc.... with a paintball gun!
Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-15-2008 12:37
Thanks for the info. I always wondered myself, but honestly felt if I didn't know........Well, you get the idea. Didn't want to go asking too many questions & end up in the quagmire of some stupid regulation & then have to jump thru hoops to get "legal" Thanks! :-) S.W.

"De Oppresso Libre" (Green Berets)
Parent - - By Wrench Tech (**) Date 06-15-2008 14:50
Interesting...I once drove a service truck equiped with  oxy/accet equipment onto a ferry to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast.  Had to produce the proper paperwork to get on.  When I was coming back and produced the same paperwork they wouldn't let me on the ferry because I couldn't produce a TGD cert.  Go figure.  Tom
Parent - By IRWelder (*) Date 06-15-2008 16:54
Hi all,
The welder exemption thing has only been in effect since February 2008, Exemption 6 , I believe.
Parent - By snuffman (***) Date 06-15-2008 18:53
The reason you have to have paperwork is because when you get on the water you have to go by the rules of the coast gaurd. Last year a friend got on a ferry and they made everyone back off the boat so they could get off to put caps on their bottles they wouldnt let them put them on while on the boat.
Parent - - By makeithot (***) Date 06-16-2008 00:49
Well one would like to think that the book was always right and welders are exempt, but as wrench tec has stated if you want to travel with BC ferries they make up their own rules and ignor any thing that transport canada has to say cause they let me see how did they say it "We make our own rules" So if you plan on traveling with BC ferries then you will need your TDG cert and all that goes with it. But did I forget to mention that once you have gotten all the B.S. paper work to prove that you have the brains to put the caps on your bottles they don't want to see it any way???? The latest one was on looking way bill this stubid woman told me that she needed the liguid amount for the gas and not the weight and that waste of skin is still trying to do the math on that one. As it turns out I have some issues with B.C ferries can you tell.
Parent - - By Wrench Tech (**) Date 06-16-2008 01:47
Build a bridge, I say.  What the heck, let's build two or three of 'em.  T
Parent - - By makeithot (***) Date 06-16-2008 15:42
That would be my vote and a noumber of plans have been proposed but so far nothing. I'm thinking that it has something to do with the fact that the langdale run subsidizes three other runs that don't make money. On a happy note less and less I have to leave the coast and when I do it is not usally for work thank god.
Parent - - By pipeliner01 (**) Date 06-17-2008 18:49
On a completely different note I feel sorry for you fellas in BC that have to pay compensation, I spent 42 days working north of Ft. Nelson and paid 512.00 for that stint alone I pay about 480.00 here in AB, maybe you guys get a better deal cause you're residents I dunno, but I've been meaning to talk to welders from BC that are working here to see what they have to pay to AB WCB???
Parent - By Wrench Tech (**) Date 06-18-2008 04:57
No need to feel sorry about us.  I pay only about $175 per month for something called personal optional protection.  I wouldn't buy that either except that the company I'm contracting for requires it.  It doesn't cost much but then it doesn't pay much either.  T
Parent - - By hurricunning (*) Date 06-18-2008 05:00 Edited 06-20-2008 06:42
WCB:   I don't remember the numbers but I know I paid far less for Alberta WCB last year than my BC WCB.  My Alberta bill was in the hundreds while the BC bill was in the thousands.  It depends also if you are a limited company versus a sole proprietor here while I don't think the company type had much bearing on my Alberta account.  Sole proprietors pay a flat rate depending on the coverage amount they want and what category they are working in.  Limited companies pay a percentage of gross.  I just did my year end and will look it up...

TDG:  I found if best just to not bother carrying bottles of any kind on BC ferries.  Way too much hassle.

Parent - By Wrench Tech (**) Date 06-18-2008 13:33
Actually, I quit carrying them on the ferries, too.  I don't go over there anymore to work but in those days I didn't have any choice.  So when I quit carrying the bottles they were on to me about having placards on the side of the truck but not having the bottles.  They were stickers and I was planning to tape some covers over them but decided to quit working for that compny instead.  Bought my own truck - I have bottles - I have no placards - I don't go on the ferries.  If I ever have to go on the ferries or even drive to the city, the bottles are coming out.    T
Parent - - By snuffman (***) Date 06-19-2008 23:25
Compensation for what?
Parent - - By hurricunning (*) Date 06-20-2008 06:45
WCB = Workers Compensation Board.  Injured worker insurance that contractors are required to carry on pretty much every jobsite.  There is a US equivalent no? 
Parent - By snuffman (***) Date 06-20-2008 23:59
Yes we have the same thing, we dont have to have everywhere we go. Ive never had it but there is a few companies in the oilfield that are starting to reqiure it. I would get it but so far I havent found any place to get that was worth getting they keep telling me its a variable rate. That makes no sense to me. The way she explain it to me it would have cost me 20000 last year thats crazy.
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