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- - By stickwelder (*) Date 06-12-2008 16:09
In gtaw process, welding mild steel plate, what is recommended for size and type of tungsten and filler rod? I want to make sure that i buy the right supplies.
Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 06-12-2008 16:33

Welcome to the Forum!

Since your questions are pretty general in nature it might be best to give you a whole bunch of general information and you can sort through it for what applies best to you.

Go here

I like the "Tig Handbook" on this site for basic information

There are videos and lots of other good free stuff too.

When you read all that and still have more questions or if anything doesn't make sense... Just post em here..
Parent - By Ringo (***) Date 06-12-2008 16:47
Just in general,2% thoriated (red tipped) depending on the thickness your welding, tungsten sizes would carry 1/16 50-100 amps,3/32 100-180 amps,1/8 150-210 amps.
Parent - By wolfewelding Date 06-15-2008 01:29
ER70S-6 filler is mild steel filler that will work well. A good tip would be to use proper prep. methods for the material, such as removing mill scale and other impurities. This will keep a much more stable weld puddle and keep it from swirling on you which is tough to maintain and makes it much harder to leave an astatically sound weld.
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