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Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Didn't Bust My Test and got a Job!!!
- - By Jeffrey Grady (***) Date 06-13-2008 19:35
Hey Folks,
I did it!!! Iam now an employed welder!!!  Got great gig at a Structural Fabrication Shop as a fabricator in Tipton Iowa. They will pay for all continuing education and want me to apply myself to the task of learning the codes, so they can send me to AWS CWI Seminar! That was their first question.."Would You be interested in becoming an AWS certified welding inspector?" I said heck yes!!
Man OH Man , Folks I am totally floored!! I jsut graduated from the Arsenal welding course yesterday! Less than 24 hrs later, I have a job!!!!!!!
Can't really think right now. Gotta digest this whole thing for a few hours. Oh, I start on Monday!
respectfully, Jeffrey Grady
Parent - By hogan (****) Date 06-13-2008 19:38
congrats and keep applying yourself. it pays off
Parent - By Ringo (***) Date 06-13-2008 19:39
Good Job!Now you can become a Master Manipulator of Molten Metal.
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 06-13-2008 19:41
Well done Jeff!
Parent - By Jeffrey Grady (***) Date 06-14-2008 00:25
Thank you Sir. I have learned a great deal from your posts, and I'll be around the forum to learn more. I do have to miove from ILL, to IA. though. Gas is too expensive.
Respectfully, Jeffrey
Parent - - By Kix (****) Date 06-13-2008 19:45
Congrats brotha!!  Ya gota burn to earn baby!!;-)
Parent - By rigwelder8201 (*) Date 06-13-2008 19:50
thats good new well done!
Parent - By Jeffrey Grady (***) Date 06-14-2008 00:30
Thanks for the reply. You must have a Hyvee food store around you up in WI. well, That's who my new employer has exclusive contracts with for fabricated structural components.I'll be burnin' for real now!!
Respectfully, Jeffrey
Parent - By RANDER (***) Date 06-13-2008 19:49
Parent - By mountainman (***) Date 06-13-2008 20:24
good job, man.
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 06-13-2008 20:33
Atta Boy!! :-)

What kind of structure's?

Parent - - By Jeffrey Grady (***) Date 06-14-2008 00:15
It's in shop fab of columns, stairs and hand rails for any single or multi-story structure that the company has a contract with. The largest contract is being the sole supplier of prefabricated columns and beams, ect., for HYVEE Food store chain. it's really a big chain here in the Mid-West. Also alot of Misc. stuff such as spiral stairs and specialty art work for Monuments. The company did the Monument to the WWII Sullivan Bros. who perished in battle.
I will be learning all sorts of new things. I had no idea i was going to be taking a weld test today, as I just met the man yesterday. I also thought it might be a SMAW or GMAW test if I did have to take one. Nope, it was FCAW-G! That's when it hit me. "GMAW" isn't for welding structural steel buildings. It's pretty much like burning rod, but you don't run out of rod. Thanks for the response John.
Respectfully, Jeffrey
Parent - By rick harnish (***) Date 06-14-2008 00:21
Absolutely awesome!!!!!!!! Carry on!
Parent - - By aevald (*****) Date 06-13-2008 20:54
Hello Jeffrey, to chime in with everybody else.......THAT'S COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, AND UNEQUIVOCALLY AWESOME!!! Best of luck and enjoy the beginning of a terrific journey. Regards, Allan
Parent - - By Jeffrey Grady (***) Date 06-14-2008 00:20
Thank you. I really mean that. You have helped me in ways you can't imagine There were times when i didn't think anything would go right, and all i had to do was read one of your posts or read a reply to me, and that brought me back to a state of knowing I had what it takes. I count You as my best instructor.
Most Respectfully, Jeffrey
Parent - By aevald (*****) Date 06-14-2008 01:18
Hello Jeffrey, it is very considerate of you to allow me a place in YOUR efforts of hard work and drive. You are the one who has been in the drivers seat with regards to your success. I know you will be one to make sure that you pass on your abilities and knowledge to others who will be looking for their place in our great trade as well. Do well and prosper, you have overcome many obstacles, now it's time to enjoy some of the more rewarding parts that have come from your hard work, ie, a paycheck, amongst other things! Best regards, Allan
Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 06-14-2008 04:14
Congrats & good luck with the job.
Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-13-2008 21:05
You did well! YAAAAHHHH!!!! :-) Not that I would have expected any less, Jeffrey. If you can fall in a machine, go from being broken down in a wheel chair to walking again & nearly off the meds, nothing is impossible for you. NOTHING!! You GOT my respect! That's really excellent. Take the ride as long as you can, my Bro. Even if things don't end up panning out there, let them pay for your edjumacation & learn all you can while your there. Good Job!! :-) S.W.

"Totally Excellent!" (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)
Parent - - By dbigkahunna (****) Date 06-14-2008 01:39
Congratulations on your job and it looks like you are working for a company that wants to reward iniative. Do not let them down.
As soon as you are elgible, get that CWI!
Again, workers like you are the future of our craft.
Parent - By ZCat (***) Date 06-14-2008 04:51
I hate to bust your bubble, but you are supposed to have 5 years in the trade before you can become a CWI.
Parent - By Steve.E (**) Date 06-14-2008 06:12
Well done Jeff, could use some keen operators like you Down Under. :>)
Parent - - By thewelder (***) Date 06-14-2008 07:02
well done jeff, now don't let the Co. down.
Parent - - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 06-14-2008 12:52
That is fantastic that you hired in with a wide open opportunity like that...sounds like the place is seriously interested in their future and doing things right....they thought about it ... take someone fresh and invest in them (as opposed to having an older hand with established attitudes and preconceptions that might need unlearning).   Good luck with it and keep your eyes open the whole way!!!
Parent - By Jeffrey Grady (***) Date 06-16-2008 02:18
Thanks man. Yes I feel like I hit Gold on this one. Most of the men are settled in their ways and just want to keep the status-quo. I fully intend to soak up everything I can and never settle for being average. I will NOT be a know-it-all either, rather i will continue to learn and grow, and hopefully impart some of what i learn to another aspiring tradesman. I know I have to work to code for a couple years, but they are willing to invest in me and the company's future. They really want to have an in-house CWI so as to keep from alowing anything to get out to the field with defects. We only fabricate. we do not erect the structures. This way in the future, when an Inspector finds a defect at the site, it won't be our defect, but will be one the Steel workers in the field made.
Respectfully, Jeffrey
Parent - - By Jenn (***) Date 06-15-2008 22:16
YEEEEHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Way to go buddy!! I knew you'd rock it!! You worked hard all this time, overcame everything standing in your way with class and pride. It paid off! I am so so so so happy for you!!

You accomplished that, and I have no doubt you'll keep going far!

I have some things in the works here on my end of the country too. Unfortunately, my programs move allot slower than what you have going for you up there, but I'm getting all I can out of it. Let's hope I have some good news for you soon too!

Tiny welder :)
Parent - By Jeffrey Grady (***) Date 06-16-2008 02:27
I have all the faith in the world concerning your abilities. I sent you a message that drives that home for you. You will excel in whatever you put your talents to work at.
Respectfully, Jeffrey
Parent - By pipewelder_1999 (****) Date 06-16-2008 02:27
Good to hear it!
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