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- - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 06-16-2008 21:20
I have finally found a insurance agent who specializes in Rig Welders. I was told by a friend that you need a Texas address. The Company is JHC. The Agents name is Vivian Moore Her # is 361-485-1900. I have had alot of e-mails asking about it so I thought I would post it. Tell her Cactus sent you. I don't make a dime or do I get any reduced rates for anyone calling. I just thought I would post this to help out. I found out I had been paying about 3 times to much for way to long. She also is in tune with "Welder terminology" so it makes things easier
Parent - By rockin d (**) Date 06-16-2008 22:27
Try SIG Live Oak INS Three Rivers TX.  361- 786 -2533 General Liabilty 1 miillion umbrella or what ever you want Puline Morin reps. name
Parent - - By welder_Bob (**) Date 06-16-2008 23:40

Hay, I forgot to thank you.  I talk to Vivian last week and she sure knows her stuff.  She had to explain every thing to me twice.  Not that I didn't understand what she was saying I just couldn't believe the low price.  Now my insurances guy is all mad now and thinks I am ungrateful.  O' well, I think a whole lot less of him than that now.  I wonder if he will have the nerve to call about renewing the policy next month.

Thank you a lot for sharing.
Parent - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 06-16-2008 23:54
My old Agent  doesn't speak to me anymore any he lives down the road. I couldn't  belive the prices either. But I do alot of work for Chesapeake and XTO. When I told her I needed her to fax them Binders she already knew what they needed and who to send it to. It was done in minutes. My old Agent took a day or so and he still wasnt sure he did it right.
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Rig welders insurance

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