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- - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-17-2008 23:28
Well, I finally got my Junk Iron rig back together. Not a pipeline rig, but suits my needs around here just fine. Hey, pipeliner04, I think I'll get me some leather covers for the wheels & :-) S.W.
Parent - - By texwelder (***) Date 06-18-2008 03:03
Pretty nice little trailer rig there, handy as he** for a lot of things
Parent - - By sqiggy (**) Date 06-18-2008 03:16
But what's that blue thang up front!!!
Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 03:21
That thar's one 'o them miller machines. It's a toy, but it does the job for what I need it for. One day, I'm going to build me an engine drive with an SAE 400 Lincoln Motor generator & a 4 cyl diesel engine. got a couple of ideas in the works. Don't have the money or time right now though. S.W.
Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 03:23
Yeah, it's been refabricated about 4 times. This is the last one. I had to put new springs on it, so I tore it all down. I'm finished with it. No more room to add any more bling!:-) S.W.
Parent - - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 06-18-2008 06:10
Looks good.
Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 12:31
Thanks Dave! How those feeders working out? S.W.
Parent - - By seganti Date 06-18-2008 06:44
Nice and neat. Just the way we like it.
Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 12:32
Thanks Jared!!! :-) S.W.
Parent - - By Ringo (***) Date 06-18-2008 10:43
Pretty slick rig Steve
Parent - - By chris2698 (****) Date 06-18-2008 11:21
kick ass trailer dude can I ask what size c-channel you made your's out of?? and what is it like a 5X8 trailer? I want to build one for my sa 200.

Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 12:30
Hi Chris. Thanks. It's 4" channel, 2" X 3/16" crss bars in the middle, the best I can recall. Actually, it started out as a different trailer. I traded it with a dude I worked with for a little boat trailer. Since then, it has been extensively modified. If I had it to do over, I would have built it entirely from channel. I extended it in the front with tubing & channel I had gotten from work scrap. I first built it about 7 years ago & didn't know a whole lot about proper welding techniques. None of the tubing ends are sealed, etc. It has a 4' X 6' box. I would have done that different too. It had expanded metal in the panels that I put on when I put it together the very first time. I lucked across the diamond plate at the scrap yard, hence the bling :-). I'm trying to find some pics of it when I first built it. It's had 3 different welders on it, 1 red, 2 blue.

If you want to put an SA on something like this, I would make sure you put it over the axle on a single set trailer. The springs will hold 7000# & are not too expensive. I actually swapped a trailer shop the springs & some other hardware for a wire feeder for their Regency 200. Good deal for them & me. Just a junk iron rig. But it's purty! :-) Thanks!! S.W.

"Hey hey mamma, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove." (Black Dog, Led Zeppelin, 4 Symbols (Untilted) LP)
Parent - - By chris2698 (****) Date 06-18-2008 23:38
well should I use then 4 inch channel?? I was going to use 3x2x 3/16 thick I figured I may build a tiny tool box for a few rods and a shield and some tools maybe I may want to later add some small bottles I really don't know. I found some axles for sale online which weren't to much one was like a 3500 pound axle would this be enough you think?? I know I have to consider the weight of the trailer itself and the machine and whatever tools I may carry. I want to try and build this thing wide enough so for whatever axle I buy I won't have to cut it to make it shorter but if I do it's all good. I am also going to tig the entire trailer...why?? just because I want to LOL I wanted to kinda build the trailer and have the welder kinda counter sunk down on it so I don't have to lift it off the trailer to change the oil and all. Can you give me any other tips?? The main thing is the channel being 3 inch would that be ok to use?? Thanks a bunch

Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-19-2008 01:13
Hi Chris. You could use 3" or 4", that would be fine. I like to overbuild everything anyways. You can reinforce it with whatever you feel will suit your needs best. If you are going to buy a couple lengths of channel, you can use that for the center beams as well. I would notch them out with a torch so they fit snug inside the box of the frame. You could do mitered corners, so it has a clean look to it. If you want to have bottles on it, determine where you want them & DO IT WHEN YOU BUILD IT!!!!! I didn't & got stuck putting them in a not so great place. Plan it out well, maybe even draw it up. I know it's kinda corny, but I really try and think everything thru before cutting a single piece first. I'll set & stare at something & figure on it for hours sometimes, when it's a big move or a serious amount of labor to make the setup for the job.

I try to imagine every scenario first, so when I go to work, I've explored all the options first & have a confident idea what's going to work the best. That's a lot better than having to rework & repaint a job when you thought of a better way....As soon as the paint's on it! Believe me, I'm no expert fabricator, but I don't like having to do things twice. I this case, I've learned a great deal since I put the trailer together 7 years ago. I would even look at rigs online & here to get a wide range of ideas. That way, you can use the best of what you like for your setup. I would just buy tool boxes. I was originally going to make mine, but the Greenlee box on my rig was only $185 on sale. I couldn't even think of building it for that. Sure, if I had access to a huge sheetmetal shop & machinery. Otherwise, you'll be cutting sheet with a Metabo, or a plasma & trying to square it all up, etc will be absolutely no fun at all.

You can pick up an axle for reasonable if you look around. Mine's a solid one, but you could make one too & just weld a set of spindles on. Use sch 60 min pipe if round. I would most certainly go with 3500# springs, EACH SIDE. That way, you won't be in a bind if you add another box, or something else. I went 7000# total on mine & it sits & rides nice. I probably have 3500# on it at the very most. As for countersinking the machine, it can be done, just figure you have a 1500# machine & you want it to sit as close as possible to the axle. That would be a lot of tongue weight if it's too far forward. Go too far back, and you'll be popping wheelies. :-) Which way are you going to orient it? parallel with the trailer, or perpendicular? You'll have to take that into consideration too.

As long as you have access to the right side (facing the machine) you will be able to change the oil, no sweat. Some guys cut a hole in the door, but I'm not into that. finally, if you intend to TIG weld the main channel & supports, just remove the scale on the steel surfaces to be welded first. I'm sure you know that, but I just thought I would mention it anyways. I would probably stick weld it myself if I couldn't get it in my garage to weld on it. I think you'll come out good. keep me posted on it. S.W.

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Parent - - By chris2698 (****) Date 06-19-2008 02:25
I want to mount this so that if you are behind the trailer looking at it you will see the cone I want it mounted length wise not like yours. I have also thought I have got to get the thing centerd because if not well it will pull really crappy. I was thinking if I could get it to be kinda counter sunk in the frame it may give it a nice clean look maybe counter sink it like 2 inches or so not sure. I plan on drawing this thing out this weekend figureing how much channel I need oh and I called a local place up to get some 3 inch channel and the guy said it goes for 65 dollars for 20ft lengths this seemd kinda cheap can you tell me what this stuff goes for around you?? I've never bought steel so I really have no clue, kinda wonder if the guy was pulling my leg on the price though. I have thought about stick welding the entire trailer but to be honest I just want to be different is all. I don't have a torch I'm just gonna use a metabo with a thin razor wheel and some other chop saws. I know someone who has a torch I could probally use but nahh i think it will be fine well except for where the tongue is I will probally need to heat that and bend it. I've been wanting to build a trailer for a while this should be a fun little project. When I'm finished with it I'm gonna have it sandblasted and primed and gonna get a friend to paint it for me the same friend who painted my welder. I may have to paint the trailer some kinda lincoln color and put some miller killer stickers on it LOL... I work at a place that has lasers so who knows I may get creative and see about having some stuff cut out on the laser for it. one thing I've been thinking of is how wide I should make it I'm thinking like 5x8 or a little less I'm kinda stealing the measurements from my 5x8 trailer thinking I should make it a little shorter but hell my 5x8 that I have now really is a pain in the ass to back up so maybe I'll keep it the same length just a spec narrower, I got alot of drawing and thinking to do this weekend. Thanks a bunch

Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-19-2008 02:51
Sounds good, Chris. I would get the specs on that channel. There's different grades, meaning web thickness mainly. You want something with at least a 3/16 wall. It sounds cheap, but it may be a thin wall "junior" type of channel. I would stick to a straight tongue if possible. Bending square tubing with a torch, by hand sucks. It usually looks horrible too. you can build it straight & offset your jack, like I did with mine & have enough clearance to lift it off. I would shoot for around 14-16' on it, that way, you can put a job box on it & have room for tanks & stuff. Mine's right around 15' long & very easy to see & back up. I think it's around 7' total wide from wheel to wheel.

Just plan it out good & look around at some other stuff & get a good idea what you can do if you are not quite sure. I sure wish I would have, rather than jumped in the way I did. I really want to make another one one day, & put a custom engine drive I have in the works on it. I'm too poor to afford anything bigger right now, but one day, I'll build a full size rig for Heavy CAC & demolition. I love running CAC, wide open. It's a blast. I think it would be sweet to design & build an engine drive platform to run BIG CAC applications & demo jobs. If you have access to a carbon arc, those are great for doing the profile cuts on the channel like I posted earlier. Just a thought. I couldn't live without one. I just wish I had a bigger machine to run it with. Keep me posted on your trailer. I bet it will turn out sweet! Especially with those Miller Killer cutouts! :-) S.W.

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Parent - - By chris2698 (****) Date 06-19-2008 03:26
dam I don't know if I want to make this thing that big. I've got a 98 jeep wrangler i'm gonna use to pull it with just around town and if worst come worse I'll build another one LOL but no I want to make it kinda small. yeah this guy said it was like 3x2x 3/16 thick which I don't know he probally just wants to get me there he blurted out the price pretty darn fast. I'm gonna make sure i do my research on this it maybe not for another few weeks that I start this project you deffinitly got me thinking a little harder in what to do. I still think I may bend the metal I have an idea that shouldn;'t make it look to bad it's really just coping the design of my currect trailer but just making it stronger. dam I gotta get some sleep I can't handle staying up late. goodnight all

Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-19-2008 03:37
You'll get it!! Whatever works for YOU is what's important! See ya! S.W.
Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 12:33
Thanks a bunch Ringo!! I got that feeder box....boy, what a mess! I'll get with you about it. S.W.
Parent - By Ringo (***) Date 06-18-2008 15:54
I'm sure you can handle it.
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 06-18-2008 11:39
  You never cease to amaze me. You do some really nice work. This trailer does not suprise me one bit after seeing the oxy/act and plasma carts you fabricated.

take care,
Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 12:14
Thanks John! Your compliments never fail to give me a lift. :-) I gotta get those plasma cutter pics posted. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks! S.W.
Parent - - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 06-18-2008 12:30
Nice trailer rig.....I have seen a lot more cluttered up ones than that for sure....neat, compact and all business!
Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 12:35
Thanks man! All this praise makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. Just kidding, really. :-) Gotta keep it neat, us junk iron guys gotta uphold our grand reputation! :-) S.W.
Parent - - By Root Pass (***) Date 06-18-2008 12:48
Looks good Steve
Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 12:50
Thanks!! Let me know when you get that remote. We'll set it up for you. S.W.
Parent - - By Metarinka (****) Date 06-18-2008 13:52
nice job!

I've always wondered what happens if say someone rear ended you and busted one of those cylinders? Inert gas wouldn't explode but the pressure in them is pretty high. Acetalyne... that's a different story.
Anyone have any experience with crushed or droped welding cylinders?
Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-18-2008 14:25
Yeah, that's one worry I have with the way the cylinders are on it. When I originally built it, I never dedicated any space INSIDE the trailer for tanks. They were an afterthought. The trailer started out as another trailer to begin with, so I had to work with what I had. I have had the acetylene tank fall out going down the road before (I didn't strap it up DUH!) and nothing happened at all. I about crapped my pants when I realized it was gone though! I would build it differently if I could do it again, but now I have so much work into it that it wouldn't be worth it to tear it all apart. I would literally have to completely redesign it. Maybe if I ever build one for another machine, then I would put them inside. Thanks! S.W.
Parent - - By g32141 (**) Date 06-26-2008 02:21
I was going to mention that. Being rearended or clipped by someone trying to make an offramp from 3 lanes over wouldn't be nice. I'd think about laying the big bottles down with the valvles forward. Anyone remember the welding supply store in Maine that caught on fire? Tanks flew accross the harbor and landed on buildings.

That acetylene tank looks like it could be repositioned to a safer place. From the picture they must clank together since they are secured with a ratchet strap at the top even though they are in different holders.
Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-26-2008 02:34
Oh, no. They do not clank a bit. They are tighter than Tillie. I agree that the position is not the greatest, but I've taken that trailer hundreds of miles all 70 MPH to a single job & back several times, off road too, with no incident whatsoever. Those straps hold like a vise. I use them on several units I have built to hold tanks on the backs of machine carts. If I ever build another rig, I'll have them in a place somewhere in the middle of the rig. Believe me, there's no place to put them now without major rework on the layout of the trailer. I've worked on it 3 times since I built it 7 years ago. Not again!! :-) S.W.

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Parent - - By Jenn (***) Date 06-26-2008 12:26
Sweet, I want one :) Nice job, really "clean" and spaced out. I like the diamond plate too. Good job guy!!

Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-26-2008 12:57
Thanks a bunch!! One day, I'm going to build something a little bigger with a custom engine drive. I got an idea in the works, just need the money & time! S.W.

"Brenda and Eddie were still going steady in the summer of '75....When they decided the marriage would be at the end of July " (Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Billy Joel, The Stranger LP)
Parent - - By Jenn (***) Date 06-26-2008 13:10
BTW I like your last name, I was born with one exactly like it... ;)

Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-26-2008 13:24
With TWO B's?????? :-o Sweet! Maybe we're related??? haha :-) Usually, most people only have one. Everyone says "It's weber, like the grill?" I hate that!!:-) Stay cool "tiny weldor" :-) S.W.

"That's all I heard about Brenda and Eddie, cant tell you more 'cause I told you already, and here we are waving Brenda and Eddie goodbye..Oh, oh, oh oh oh..." (More Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Billy Joel, The Stranger LP)

(Yes, I know it all from memory! One of my all time favorites!) :-)
Parent - - By Jenn (***) Date 06-26-2008 14:21
Yes, two b's I know that grill thing dangit!! And no one else EVER spells it right.

My Dad, and his folks came over from England, so not so sure... but cool none the less.

"It's merely a flesh wound" Monty Python, but also ME last night- as I got ten stitches in my fingers :O hee hee (thought I'd throw one back at ya!!!!)

Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 06-26-2008 14:25
  Ten Stitches? What happened?

Parent - - By Jenn (***) Date 06-26-2008 14:48

I'm opening a 50 pound box of rods, twisting the metal strip around the edge with pliers y'know, getting to the last little bit. Some idiot walking by decides he's going to walk up and "help" me (funny he didnt' volunteer to help carry them, lol). Before I can say anything he Jerks the lid trying to break it off, and the whole box comes off the table. As it's falling the ends of the rods catch the tops of two of my fingers, while I'm trying to get my hand out of the way. Cuts one of them down to the bone, the other finger's not as deep, but 5 big stitches in each. 3 seconds and some dummy can mess up your day.

Then he wants to be a wus and almost pass out on me from the blood!!! I'm fine with it, but need him to help get me towels, and he's all faint and stuff!! *go figure* I'm not even wincing - and the guys are all scattering like cockroaches in lights. I don't think I want any of them on a jobsite with me. The one I would trust wasn't there that night.

Not my first set of stitches, so I'm fine, just makes for a long night waiting to get them. And sucks working with them for the next week or two. It's all good, I'll go back to class tonight !!!

bite the dog that bit you!

Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 06-26-2008 15:41
  That blows! Sorry to hear it. Your experiance with guys that appear tough until there is blood shed is not all that uncommon. I have seen some of the roughest & toughest guys around fall smooth out over the sight of a little blood. Glad to hear you are all right, keep the wounds clean so as not to get an infection. In and out of a sweaty welding glove for a few hours will cause this in the early stages. Make sure to give it some air at night after cleansing. :-) You are probably aware of all this but it never hurts to confirm.

Take care of yourself,
Parent - - By Jenn (***) Date 06-26-2008 15:50
YUP YUP - my day job is at a plastic surgeon's office, i'm all good :)
Thank you! I'm a tough little bird I'm fine!
Parent - By jrw159 (*****) Date 06-26-2008 15:59
  Wow, I guess I missed that interesting tidbit of info about you. What an interesting combination of skills that is! :-)

Parent - - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-26-2008 16:11 Edited 06-26-2008 16:13
Wow Jenn. That's about the same deal I was going to tell my little "story" about. Your ears must have been ringing. :-) When I was about 19, I was working as a stove cleaner in Las Vegas & I was cleaning a stove tray out & recovering it with AL. foil. We had those big, 40# commercial rolls. As I was pulling the foil, the box slipped off the counter. I made the mistake of trying to catch it. It was a full roll & it fell real fast. As I reached for it, I had stepped forward & inadvertently put my leg in the path of the foil box. The serrated cutting edge hit my right knee & slashed thru my coveralls & pants beneath, ripping my knee open. I was tweaking my Arse off on some very excellent crystal meth, so I was not all to concerned about it, till I got a look. A trip to the clinic & 10 stitches later... It was so clean, it almost looked like a paper cut. Bled like crazy.

I was extremely lucky that back in the very early '90's, the hotel I was working at wasn't doing mandatory post injury drug testing yet. You're damn lucky, Jenn. That could have been a real serious injury. Hopefully no nerves were seriously damaged. Good idea to keep it real clean, as DR. John recommended. Stay away from old, used gloves. Get a new pair & wear a latex glove underneath. (You can be like Michael Jackson!) :-) The bacteria that sits in material & leather like that is BAD NEWS! Keep us posted on your recovery & eventual revenge on your "Buddy" that "helped" you out! S.W.
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 06-26-2008 16:37
  "Dr. John", now thats rich! LOL

I like to consider myself a jack of all trades, and an ace at none. :-)

Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-26-2008 16:45
"Paging Dr. John......Paging Dr. John" :-) S.W.
Parent - By sbcmweb (****) Date 06-26-2008 14:34
I was told we're from Germany. Have no clue. I'm white..That's all I know :-) Stitches?? Ouch! Had a few of those! I got a good story on some stitches(well, kinda good)......Stay tuned!!

"Hear the cry of war, louder than before...With his sword in hand, to control the land! Crushing metal strikes, on this frightening night...Fall down to your knees, before the Phantom Lord.." (Phantom Lord, Metallica, Kill 'Em All LP)
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