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- - By bhiltz (**) Date 08-08-2001 11:00
which stainless rod is better suited for welding 304L stainless HSS tubing , 3/16" wall thickness for building walking platforms in a food plant, 308L or 316L?which do most prefer Avesta or Sodel?
Parent - By - Date 08-08-2001 13:14
For your application, why pay the extra for the moly in the 316L. As for the two different manufacturers, I have never found any appreciable difference in useabilty/performance.
One thing to remember though when you buy any brand of filler metal, welders always will have favorite manufacturers based on a myriad of reasons that are not always technical. But that's not always a bad thing :-)
have a great day.
Parent - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 08-10-2001 19:32
Seldom is quite right. Welders have their preferred brands due to miriad of reasons. Back in my days of erector engineer I took advantage from that. Before starting the job, I gathered the welders and asked them which were their favorite brands for the type of electrodes we were going to use during the whole job. Then I bought the brands the welders preferred. In this way, I admitted no excuses for a bad weld based on "the electrode is no good". My dear, I said, it was you who choosed the electrode!!
Giovanni S. Crisi
Sao Paulo - Brazil
Parent - By fbrieden (***) Date 08-21-2001 02:14
Sandvik has always been the most "user friendly" for me and the majority of my welding students when it comes to SMAW applications, especially in the vertical and overhead positions.

Francis X. Brieden
Welding Instructor - Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County, PA
CWI #01010151
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