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Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / 100% Helium Gas for GMAW Aluminum?
- - By Lotney Date 08-17-2001 01:12
This idea was posed to me by another welder. I was wondering if anyone else had heard of such a thing. Thanks for your help.
Parent - - By RonG (****) Date 08-17-2001 12:33
Do you think that maybe that is where the term "Heli-Arc" came from?
Parent - - By GRoberts (***) Date 08-17-2001 14:27
Possibly if you were talking about GTAW instead of GMAW.
Parent - - By RonG (****) Date 08-17-2001 16:11
Helium and an electric Arc still gives the same plasma and puts more heat in to the work be it GMAW or GTAW, Don't be so narrow minded.

I used straigth Helium with a Mig gun 30 years ago in the Army and we refered to it as "Heli-Arc"

He was asking about welding not semantics.
Parent - - By welder_guy2001 (***) Date 08-22-2001 22:29
RonG, you're quite the jerk ya know? TIG welding aluminum was developed in the late 1930's in response to the demand from the aircraft industry, and HELIUM was used as a shielding gas. It wasn't until 1948 when MIG welding was developed for welding aluminum. and contrary to what you called it, a "Heli-Arc" welding machine is a CONSTANT CURRENT machine...last time i checked MIG welding was performed with a CONSTANT VOLTAGE machine. i think you called it heli-arc in your own shop out of convenience instead of fact. in this case, the Heli-Arc (TIG) came before the MIG.
Parent - - By RonG (****) Date 08-23-2001 15:10
Wow thats an impressive oration there, trouble is, You failed to refute the fact that we used Helium with MIG.

I only claimed that WE in our little shop in the USA ARMY in Korea where for the first time in my life I was evolved with welding, the folks who trained me called it Heli-Arc MIG so I guess they are bunch of JERKS also!

They and I may not know the difference between Heli-Arc MIG and Heli-Arc TIG but we do have enough decency not to get on this board and call people names.

You better go look again at the MIG machines, you missed the boat fellow I have 3 machine that are "Constant Current power supplys" (not counting SAW machines)with a computer up front that "Constantly changes" the current (its called PULSE) when we are MIG welding. Or have'nt you heard, you can do more than Short Arc with them?

Have a very nice day.
Parent - - By - Date 08-23-2001 18:18
A nasty scrap going on here! I certainly do not want to get involved, other than to give my 2 cents worth regarding the power sources. (Some people my be left confused by the conversation so far.)

The "standard" power source for GMAW is a constant voltage machine. A constant current (Also called variable voltage) power source can also be used for "non-dip transfer" GMAW if you also have a voltage sensing wire feeder.

Pulsed GMAW should not be confused with the above. In pulsed mode, the voltage fluctuates so that the transfer varies between dip and spray transfer.

In the past there were machines that could be "switched" between CV and CC, but my experience with them have been less than satisfactory when welding in the CV mode.

Obviously the new inverter power sources, with their fancy electronics, do give more viable CV and CC mode use on the same machine. For some applications they are a real help, but in most instances it is best to use the appropriate power source for the job. Either dedicated CC or CV.

Hope this helps, without adding fuel to the fire. (Maybe you guys should "kiss and make-up". OK let's forget the kiss!)

Parent - By RonG (****) Date 08-23-2001 19:19
You can kiss'em if you want to, I prefer not

Yes I had stated "Voltage" but change to current to prevent further excursion in to this realm. How ever are you acquainted with "Digi-Pulse"?
Not being an Electrical Engineer suffice to say votage and current do vary.

But is this really what this string was about? I guess some one wanted to make this a personal issue and forgot why we are here.

What the hell! all I did was allude that it was okay to use Helium with MIG process, I never intended any snide or flammatory remarks and now look where we are.

Parent - By TomK Date 08-17-2001 14:40
Yes, We gave GMAW with helium serious consideration consideration in aluminum rail car fabrication.
Parent - By Lawrence (*****) Date 08-17-2001 17:59
Helium i$ doable but I hope for your $ake it$ for a $Government$ contract.

Co$t vs perfomance rarely land$ in favor of 100% helium.

Are you having difficultie$ with the proce$$ and $hielding your pre$ently u$ing?
If you are give us a di$cription of what your doing, what equipment your doing it with,
and how much of it your planning to get done.
Parent - By - Date 08-23-2001 18:04
It is possible to perform any GMAW with 100% Helium, but as already stated, it needs to be a "special" application to make it cost effective. Keep in mind that not only is the gas very expensive, but you also need higher flow rates than the Ar based gasses due to the light weight of He. (Unless you are welding overhead.)

Your gas supplier should be able to recommend the best value for money gas for your particular application.

My limited experience with GMAW aluminium has shown that Ar based gasses work well enough.

Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / 100% Helium Gas for GMAW Aluminum?

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