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- - By lake (*) Date 09-15-2001 23:21
I'm looking to purchase a new CC/CV welder for general shop and field use. Have read some info about Miller XMT 304. Any
suggestions? Pro and con? Anyone tried Miller's Pipe Pro as a self contained field unit? I've always been partial to Lincoln
but some of this new Miller equipment looks promising. I do work my equipment pretty hard. Can this new lightweight stuff
take it as well as the old standby iron? Thanks in advance!
Parent - By Mike Brace (**) Date 09-17-2001 11:54
Lake: I don't want to sound like Miller invertors are the only good ones made but from what I have seen in the field they are the most dependable and the best performing. The XMT has excellent stick and mig. The stickand mig is so good that Pipeline industry is now moving to XMT's for the mechanised set ups and the Pipe Pro for the stick and portable mig. I spend a lot of time working with this industry and it is a tough nut to crack to get them to try new things but they are. If you have questions you can contact me direct at 920-735-4558.
Parent - By John McGraw Date 09-20-2001 17:41
The main problem I see w/ any of the inverters, is getting enough power to the inverters. Many construction sites don't have enough temp power. But realize that I'm talking structural steel & FCAW (usually NR 232 .072", which usually means a high duty cycle @ around 300 AMPs), not pipe welding. Once enough power is available, Both Powcons & Millers seem to work just fine. Although for some reason, I not sure why, I kinda like the millers better.
Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Best CC/CV inverter ?

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