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- - By johnwhitman Date 10-14-2001 23:00
I am currently doing research on building bicycle frames out of this form of titanium. I am seeking information on the best method for welding this type of material, as it appears to be the most commonly used Ti choice in the bicycle frame industry. Any help on welding it would be greatly appreciated.


Parent - By Scooter Tramp Date 10-22-2001 23:46
I don't know if this will help but, In tech. school in the U.S.A.F. we were
given the opportunity to weld exotic metals of the time, (late '70's) we welded titanium with tig (tgaw). I don't remember why but, we used a trailer cup
(which consisted of a prince albert can with steel wool inside to diffuse the gas, rubberbanded to the tig torch and an extra shielding gas line to it). I guess for some reason, It was determined that titanium needed extra shielding. I also used this technic on a stainless horizontal butt joint there, the instructor did'nt fall for it, He knew exactly what I did.
a perfect silver color is difficult sometimes without a trailer cup.
Parent - By airweld (**) Date 10-23-2001 17:11
I also have looked at 3-2.5 Ti tubing, but not for bikes, for airframes. I talked to the people at Merlin and they were very helpful as is their website. Timet is the other major source of info. I gather it is very straightforward welding. As the previous respondant says, keep it shielded until it's not glowing red anymore. Keep us posted. Good luck, Scott.
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / 3AL /2.5 V Ti Welding ?

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