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- - By pipe hand (*) Date 12-13-2008 10:38
I used to get landrys (sp) out of texas but the number I have is no good any more the ones at the lws are junk. so what do you folks like the best?
Parent - By rockin d (**) Date 12-13-2008 10:51
Mrs. Hannish, passed away a while back , but her daughter Pat kept on , & she's always busy , took a month to get mine.. Pat Olivarez (361)798-5314 Hallettsville, Tx. 77964
Parent - - By elliott (**) Date 12-13-2008 12:01
I have been getting mine off of ebay.From a lady in new mexico.They are great hat nice and for these new england winters.She has a ton of different styles,high crown, low crown,inlined, unlined, different bill lenghts.I live in mass and i usually recieve the hats with in a week.Best made hat i have seen yet. Her username on ebay is 9dc45y8d.
Parent - - By raftergwelding (*****) Date 12-13-2008 15:41
how do those caqps fit i ordered some from ebay once i think they were from hats by frank or sumthing like that and the bill stick strait out i like my bills to hug and cover my ear i have yet to find a homemade cap fit the way i like them too
Parent - - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 12-13-2008 17:33
Cleburne welding supply  sells some caps that are the best I have ever worn. They are Beanies by Brenda. I just call and order my size and I usually get them in 2 -3 days. They are also true to size IF you know your hat size
Parent - - By raftergwelding (*****) Date 12-13-2008 21:24 these look like the cap i want just wish i could try 1 on before i dropped the cash to get some but Cactus has never lied to be before so i'll just have to try a couple
Parent - By lonestarwelder7 (**) Date 12-14-2008 03:36
Cactus is right they are the best. all I wear anymore. Brenda's Beanies 1-979-733-3767.
Parent - - By rockin d (**) Date 12-14-2008 01:56
Attachment: cap2.jpg (306k)
Parent - - By K.Sexton26 (**) Date 12-15-2008 00:28
rockin d are those caps deep crown and preshrunk
Parent - By rockin d (**) Date 12-15-2008 13:50
deep crown yes/ preshrunk no
Parent - - By ibeweldingsum (***) Date 12-13-2008 18:07
DaBec hats out of Vernel Utah are the best hats i have found the bill lays flat on yur ear and they are tall enough to go over your other ear pretty durn nice stitchin too
Parent - - By okwelder82 (***) Date 12-14-2008 02:51
I second that. DaBec are the best I have ever seen. I first saw them when I was working in North Dakota, wish I would have bought a few more, I cant find them around Oklahoma.
Parent - - By ZCat (***) Date 12-14-2008 04:42
Nobody buys Comeaux anymore? They used to be pretty good, I been getting mine all handmade by Mom recently, but that can't go on too much longer, unfortunately.
Parent - - By raftergwelding (*****) Date 12-14-2008 04:45
i buy them for now but after about 2 washings they dont fit the way i lek them too anymore
Parent - - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 12-14-2008 06:06
Maybe You could make a wooden form to pull them over while they are still wet to keep them from shrinking when they dry.
Parent - - By raftergwelding (*****) Date 12-14-2008 17:57
thats a good idea Dave just need some ply woiod and a jig saw my wife is the carpenter maybe i can get her to make me 1
Parent - - By Weldrwomn (*) Date 12-14-2008 22:10
When I wash hubby's welding cap, I take it out of the dryer while still a little damp and put it over a medium sized pyrex mixing bowl.  It keeps the cap in the proper shape while it drys.
Parent - - By OBrien (***) Date 12-14-2008 22:39
I just put mine on after they come out of the washer and wear it around the house/hotel room and they seem to stay pretty good.  I may look a little goofy wearing a wet cap but it works.
Parent - By raftergwelding (*****) Date 12-15-2008 01:42
i have done that too but not til they dry usually jus get the out wet put it on pull it in 50 different dirctions ti l it fits and then lay it flat to dry it works but they still shrink asfter a while
Parent - - By stkwldr (**) Date 12-15-2008 00:43
my wife handmakes some of mine also. they too go over the ear pretty far and the bill stays flat. If you can take a close look, you can see the duck stiches in the bill.
Attachment: 12-14-08_1837.jpg (70k)
Parent - By pypLynr (***) Date 12-23-2008 04:18
Those are stitches ?  Cool !  My G-ma used to make mine for me . I paid her $5 a hat . She would get mad at me for giving her money but she earned it !  I have some with double bills and alot of single bills left from her . I don't wear them much though , kinda sentimental so I put them up . The next best thing to hers is COMEAUX .
Parent - By ibeweldingsum (***) Date 12-20-2008 07:14
chikashe welding supply has em
Parent - By ibeweldingsum (***) Date 12-20-2008 07:19
hey Ms. Smitherman outa louisiana does a durn fine hat, she also makes awsome shirts too no. is 334-366-2178
Parent - - By K.Sexton26 (**) Date 12-15-2008 00:25
do you have a number to order them from
Parent - - By sqiggy (**) Date 12-15-2008 01:04
My MIL makes all of mine. She does a pruddy good job too. I did a couple of shutdowns and sold over $1500 worth for her. That was at $5 a cap. That was a lot of caps I sold!!!!
Parent - - By triplecwelder (*) Date 12-15-2008 01:12
i like the lapco brand hats they seem to fit real well
Parent - - By Kix (****) Date 12-15-2008 14:00
Yeah I like LAPCO as well.  They used to make them here in the states, but now they are coming in from China so I think I'm going to have to find another brand.  I hate to do that because they feel good on my melon.  Why O why did they have to go and do such a thing.  I guess you have to do what you gotta do to survive in this day and age.
Parent - By pipe hand (*) Date 12-16-2008 10:11
thanks all for the great info
Parent - - By ibeweldingsum (***) Date 12-26-2008 03:50
here is a pic
Attachment: weldincap (0B)
Parent - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 12-26-2008 04:21
I just received 10 new ones from Brendas beanies. They are the best there is !!
Parent - - By K.Sexton26 (**) Date 12-26-2008 18:36
who makes that hat ibeweldingsum? looks nice
Parent - - By ibeweldingsum (***) Date 12-28-2008 23:43 Edited 12-28-2008 23:48
dabec hats 1-800-835-6038 is the pic above
Parent - By vagabond (***) Date 12-29-2008 01:28
I've used Dabec for years now and really like the fit and the way they hold up.  Don't know what it is they do different but they build a tuff hat!!
Parent - - By Metarinka (****) Date 12-20-2008 09:16
I just use my hair, never found a welding cap that could fit me :(
Parent - - By JeremyW83 (***) Date 12-21-2008 00:20
Cary's Creations in Amarillo makes some really nice ones.  Don't know what the delay is right now but good designs and stickings.
Parent - - By pypLynr (***) Date 12-21-2008 00:44
COMEAUX !!! Thats the way to go ! Gettin' harder to find around where I am . All the supply's are goin' to LAPCO .
Parent - - By raftergwelding (*****) Date 01-05-2009 08:08
COMEAUX is junk they are rags after the 1st washing i bought a brendas beanis and it is a dang good cap i'll be ordering some very soon
Parent - By pypLynr (***) Date 01-05-2009 14:17
Well  Shad, that would be a matter of opinion . I have some comeaux's for a number of years  and they are worn but still in one piece . I like them because they aren't too heavy of material . Thick material hats give me a headache .  It really is a preference of the welder on what he likes or dislikes , right ? I'm sure that your hats fit you like a glove ... and thats why you wear that kind . Some guys wear dew rags and I have seen a few that didn't wear anything . Dumb on their part, but whatever . Well, you see what I'm saying ? I've tried alot of hats and Comeaux's fit me best .  
Parent - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 12-26-2008 04:22
I met Cary and his wife. I used to wear nothing but Carys until I got Brendas Beanies
Parent - - By FixaLinc (****) Date 12-29-2008 00:55
You think Paramount has those?  I'll have to ask them as that's closer for me. 
Parent - - By ZCat (***) Date 12-29-2008 01:56
google "welding caps"

there are quite a few that look real nice
Parent - By alan domagala (**) Date 12-29-2008 22:02
ive always liked Kromer caps.
Parent - - By JeremyW83 (***) Date 12-30-2008 00:54
Yes they do.  That is if you are refering to the Paramount Welding Supply in Amarillo?
Parent - - By FixaLinc (****) Date 04-05-2010 03:10
Yep found them and like these.
Parent - - By okwelder82 (***) Date 04-06-2010 00:28
I used to only wear the Dabec's then I found a lady out of Nowata,OK that makes them and they are all wear now. She sells them at 798 union hall but you can call and order them also.
Parent - - By FixaLinc (****) Date 04-06-2010 23:05
Is this them?  J&C ?

Nowata, OK 
Parent - By okwelder82 (***) Date 04-08-2010 01:40
Im not sure if thats her or not? Her name is Cindy Allen. I cant imagine there is to many welding cap companies in little old nowata,ok  LOL
- - By Mat (***) Date 04-06-2010 00:52 Edited 04-06-2010 00:58
I'm a "Welding hats by Pam" guy myself.  :)
Parent - - By JLWelding (***) Date 04-06-2010 02:43
I cant wear the caps that cover your ears, I just turn the bill when frying steaks may
Parent - - By Tommyjoking (****) Date 04-07-2010 16:28
I agree with you Mat

She has made a few for me and they are great, good quality material, won't shrink up....the best part is she will make it any way you want it, short bill, long bill, no bill, double bill, over ears, under ears, no ears, rabbit ears......
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