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- - By welder5354 (**) Date 04-07-2009 04:00
Hi all, i'm presently welding a procedure for Inconel.
I'm welding Incoloy 800HT to Incoloy 800HT.  The problem is that i'm getting a lot of porosity.
The filler wire that i'm using is AWS ERNiCr-3.
Would AWS ERNiCrMo-3 be a better choice for Incoloy 800HT welding to itself.
I've been reading that ERNiCr-3 is a better choice when welding Incoloy to a dissimiliar metal.
Any advice, thanks!
Parent - - By ravi theCobra (**) Date 04-09-2009 00:34
First of  all you are trying  to  weld  something  with weld  metal  with  all  of  the fluidity  of a caterpillar.

Welding  800 isn't  easy  and  where i worked 40 (count  'em ) years  ago  we   would  weld  from  both sides  and  dye  pen the weld
at  25 % ,50 % ,75 %  and  the  completed  weld   before we would  X ray  so  as to keep the weld  clean.

Inconel 82   is  the recomended  wire  ( ER NI -CR - 3 )    but  you  might  try   Inconel  617   (ER Ni Cr Co Mo )  as it is  a  dispersion
hardened  alloy  and  has good creep resistance   and  as a fall back  try  the   ER Ni CR Mo -3  but be warned  that  this  alloy contains
Mo   and  could lead  to  some  sigma  phase  brittleness  if  you  are talking  about  4000 +  hrs  at  1500 " F

The  penetrant inspection  is the   way  out  of  the  porosity.  What  gas /gas mixture  are you  using  ?  What  is  your  application  ?
Parent - By welder5354 (**) Date 04-10-2009 04:47
Thanks Cobra for your input.  We found the problem, it was the filler wire.
Apparently, that batch of rod was on recall;
The company has recalled thousands of dollars worth of that filler wire.
I guess they made a poor batch.
The application is for an oil refinery.
Parent - - By 250pipeliner (**) Date 04-10-2009 05:38
damn ravi i havent heard anyone speak so technical in a very longtime. i had a welder tell me that about 8" of his root pass fell away like cracked glass falling from a window. he was welding 9chrome pipe for a steam generator. have you ever heard of this or experienced it? this was about 5yrs ago at haynes gnerating station in seal beach, ca. i just cant picture it happenin.
Parent - - By ravi theCobra (**) Date 04-13-2009 17:41
havent   heard  of  it   Was  it  on  the  steam  plants   or  the  gas  turbines  ?
Parent - - By 250pipeliner (**) Date 04-13-2009 18:41
well this plant had a combination of both but it was on a steam line going into the steam generator.
Parent - By ravi theCobra (**) Date 04-14-2009 20:37
a  reheat  line  ?
Parent - - By Peter IWE Date 08-12-2009 13:28
We had some problems with welding (GTAW) Alloy 800HT recently. After macro tests our laboratory found some strange zones located between weld and HAZ,  but what is important, those zones appeard not in HAZ but in the weld. The wire we have used is ERNiCrCoMo-1. We have no idea what it could be.
Have you ever got any problems like that?
Parent - - By js55 (*****) Date 08-12-2009 15:49
Pehaps you can clarify some. I tend to think what you are looking at may be what is called an unmixed zone. Ni based alloys are so viscous that there will be a thin line of base metal that completely melts but does not mix with the weld metal. Its essentially an autogenous type zone. I think this unmixed zone probably happens in all welds its just that with less viscous materials it would be perhaps difficult to detect.
With some alloys there are some rather odd phenomena in this zone, and it will etch differently.
Parent - - By Peter IWE Date 08-14-2009 09:21
Thank you for your answer.
Could you provide me your e-mail address?. I will send you an image of macro sample. Maybe it will clarify some.
We decided to make additional micro test to gain some particular information.
The point of this situation is we don`t know if those zones could be dangerous in case of corrosion at 950 C degrees.
Parent - By js55 (*****) Date 08-14-2009 13:51
If memory serves, one of the biggest issues with the unmixed zone is segregation. This could, depending upon the alloy and service, create concern for corrosion resistance.
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