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- - By - Date 04-18-2000 19:03
I have a writen test I give to possible new hires. Many of the potential employees we see today struggle with english and I'm sure that is one of the reasons their test scores come in low. Is there somewhere that I can send my test document to have it translated? Where would I start to look at doing something like this?
Parent - By - Date 04-19-2000 13:28
Hello paul-

In Wisconsin we have an organization called the Wis. Regional Training Partnership. This is a state sponsered organization which works with companies looking to develop worker skills. If they can't help us, they can at least point us in the right direction. WRTP receives federal monies and I believe would fall under the jurisdiction of the state Dept. of Labor.

Don't know where you're at but perhaps this may get you pointed in the right direction.
Parent - By - Date 04-25-2000 17:58
Try the Educators BBS. There are probably instructors that would gladly translate for you.
Parent - By - Date 05-30-2000 17:01
Another method that I know has been used by some is to contact the engineering department at the local University and see if any students who are native speaking in the language of concern are looking for a little part time translation work. This can benefit both of you - I knew an individual from South America who supported himself and family while attending school at the US in this manner. It can also be quite a bit cheaper than hiring a "professional" translation agency. A few phone calls might produce fairly quick results.
Parent - By - Date 05-31-2000 11:18
What language. My wife speaks 6 I speak 3 languages and I am a CWI. Send me an email note @
Up Topic Welding Industry / Technical Discussions / Translate a writen Welder Test

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