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- - By - Date 06-12-2000 19:37
I am in need of some information. Is there any differences, either physical or compositional, between metal (in this case, aluminum)
wire manufactured for use in welding equipment and equipment used for flame spray metallizing? I am currently having some difficulty feeding 99% aluminum welding wire that meets MIL-W-6712C specs, through a METCO flame spray gun that uses METCO wire meeting the same milspec.
Is it possible that welding equipment will allow for greater size tolerances?

Charley Harvilicz
Newport News Shipbuilding
Parent - - By G.S.Crisi (****) Date 06-20-2000 18:41
Who specifies the fabrication (or mill) size tolerances of a wire is the standard it follows, in this case a MIL one.
Now, it's perfectly possible that a certain equipment (welder or gunspray, in your case), requires a more stringent tolerance than that allowed by the standard. This is because the equipment manufacturer has decided that, for a number of reasons,
his machine requires such a stricter tolerance in order to do a good job.
My recommendation is:
1) Read the Instruction Manual of both equipment. They should state the size of the wire that is to be fed in them.
2) If this doesn't work, get in contact with both manufacturers and ask them the question. Obviuosly, they know perfectly well which size of wire their machine accepts.
Giovanni S. Crisi
Sao Paulo - Brazil

Parent - By - Date 06-20-2000 18:59
I have done so. You are correct. Thank you for your response. Hope to be of some service to you someday! I am a Production Engineer, Coatings Specialty, here at Newport News Shipbuilding.
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