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- - By downhandonly (***) Date 07-19-2009 17:59
Hi all, it's almost time for me to build another bed and this time I'm gonna do a north Texas style cause I like the low and clean look and they probably function as good as they look. got a question though... I've seen some guys put the welder hard up against the cab or against the bottle rack and I'm wondering how they get at the oilfilter on the older 200's the filter is on that side. Is there a relocater you can put on to change sides cause it looks to me they almost need to take the machine off to change the oil. I'd like some opinions on this before I get building a new bed. thanks
Parent - - By chris2698 (****) Date 07-19-2009 18:38
yeah I wonder the same thing about the oil filter but I'm currious of draining the oil do you just let it dump all over the driveshaft of the truck or should you try and make some kinda trough so the oil can run down it and into say a bucket? and when finish maybe shoot some brake cleaner down the trough so it isn't dripping everywhere or is that more a pain in the butt? I just can't stand a engine or oil leaking all over the place on my cars so this would drive me nuts having oil dripping everywhere
Parent - - By up-ten (***) Date 07-19-2009 22:08
Cool idea Lee! Always wondered when someone would bring some Texan flair to the cool North. Guess you'll still throw in some Alberta flash on that deck huh? Looking forward to the pics. Bob
Parent - - By downhandonly (***) Date 07-19-2009 23:27
It's not gonna b for a while. I gotta go up north in a couple weeks for 5-6 weeks so I may start it after that job if something doesnt come along right after. I still havent made up my mind if I'm gonna keep the dually or go single wheel f350. I was pretty choked getting pulled around by just about every type of heavy equipment imaginable this spring. working on a gazillion dollar pipeline and they only got enough rig mats to do half the locations that needed them.
Parent - - By up-ten (***) Date 07-20-2009 01:00
Staying dually or going single is always a tough one. On this job I'm on now, the whole site is beach sand and my Dodge dually has never been stuck this many times. But the guys with single wheel are having no problems at all. But I think the Texas style deck looks way better on duals. Bob
Parent - By downhandonly (***) Date 07-20-2009 02:45
ya i know, i have tossed the idea of a spring/mud buggy truck with super swampers, a 350 with open headers and arb air lockers with the  bare nessesities for tools and keep my dually for the good jobs. I'm gonna try the lower lighter texas style with my dually first then maybe get an old chevy and throw my old skid in the back. all it takes is time and money. lol
Parent - By Tyler1970 (***) Date 07-19-2009 23:06
all you need is a hose on you drain plug with a fittin, screw it in, and on the other end of the hose put another fitting, secure both with hose clamps and just pull the botton fittin and here comes you oil. Its hard to explain, but im take some pics for you and post them up here.
Parent - - By downhandonly (***) Date 07-19-2009 23:28
all you need is a little ball valve and a hose and youre in!
Parent - By RioCampo (***) Date 07-20-2009 00:37
Make sure to put a cap or plug on that ball valve. One little bounce on a rough road and you could be out of oil.
Parent - By shorthood2006 (****) Date 07-23-2009 23:08
i have a ball valve where my drain plug goes. i have a 2ft piece of hose with a fitting screwed into the valve. the oil drains into a 5 gallon bucket with ease.
Parent - By KSellon (****) Date 07-24-2009 13:53
most (but not all) SA200's have a 1/2-20 drain plug. Go to the local hose shop and have a drain hose made with a swivel end and valve on it, as long as you want it. Drill a hole in the bed and hang the hose thru it.
Parent - - By Roadtrash (*) Date 07-20-2009 15:59
I have a spring loaded valve on my welder with a hose attached to it for draining the oil. I got it from the local welder repair shop for $25. A little steep i know but I don't have to worry about it coming open and draining my oil. As for changing the oil filter, when my machine was right next  to the cab I went through the rear window. Was a real pain so now my machine sits about 6" back. Just enough room to pull the oil and fuel filters and fill the oil.

This is the type of valve I use
Parent - - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 07-23-2009 12:16
It should be easy enough to re-locate your oil filter. The one on the sa I have just has copper tube with 1/8 npt fittings running into the main oil galley and then a return. Stop buy a hose shop and have them make you up some hose's and put the filter where you want it, simple enough.
Parent - - By Roadtrash (*) Date 07-23-2009 13:37
Sorry, Forgot to mention I run a '01 SA-250D. The filter mounts directly to the block. My bigest problem is trying to find a way to get the oil out of the filter so I can change it without making a mess. No luck so far.
Parent - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 07-23-2009 14:34
I've seen some filter relocation set ups for cars/trucks in some of the parts supplier mags, seems like I've seen one in Summit. If you had space to make a catch pan that could mount to the block somehow with a hose attached at the bottom under the filter so when you screw it off it would hit the pan/hose and drain bucket. Seen something like that on equipment but it was just a ramp and would direct the oil away to an opening where you could put the drain pan underneath the machine and catch the mess. Some of those big filters hold several quarts of oil.
Parent - By KSellon (****) Date 07-24-2009 13:58
that 6" of room doesn't help much when I have to lay on your hood and hang off the side to troubleshoot or repair the machine on the truck-- starts looking like a circus act. hehe
Parent - By KSellon (****) Date 07-24-2009 13:44
from what I have seen in my shop, they don't change the oil. hehe. Most pull the machine to maintenance,
Parent - - By KSellon (****) Date 07-24-2009 13:56
The best bed I have seen here in Oklahoma was made by Brian Smith of Falcon Rigs. He can drop the bed and bobtail when not in use and then winch the entire bed back up onto the truck when he's ready to work. Nice!!!!!
Parent - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 07-24-2009 15:09
My Uncle has a 47'-48' Willies(Continental engine) that has no oil filter and he told me when I was up last time that in the 25-30 years that he's had it after his dad passed away he has not changed the oil and was pretty sure his dad did'nt change the oil either. A shot of either and it cranks up and runs. Goes out and hauls firewood out of the woods with it. Says one thing for sure, you don't have to worry about mosquitos when it's running!!!
Parent - By Roadtrash (*) Date 07-24-2009 16:08
Don't suppose you have any picts do you? Would like to see it.
Parent - - By NWPAwelder (**) Date 08-02-2009 13:01
Kaye, Do you have any pics of this rig? I would like to see it.  Thanks
Parent - By KSellon (****) Date 08-03-2009 15:52
I don't have pics-- wish I did. You may be able to contact him. Falcon Rogs is located in Cushing, Ok..
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