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- - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 07-27-2009 04:50
I'll be down in the Kenneshaw/Marietta Ga area all this week. Gonna be shacked up in a roachtel doing some work. Anybody down there in the area want to get together and BS over dinner to keep one of my meals more interesting than they'll be with me just talking to myself then give me a call. 931-446-0433. Be good to meet other welders and shoot the bull for awhile. Met with a guy up here near the house one day for lunch, we got there around 12:15 and we walked out at 2:38!! Did'nt even know each other but managed to yap each others ears off for over two hours!!


oh yeah, I'll be away from the computer for the week, have a laptop but have yet to figure out the wi-fi stuff, plus old laptop. ya'll have a good week!!
Parent - - By raftergwelding (*****) Date 07-27-2009 15:27
Same thing happened to me on the way back in perry okl. Sat in picks yard jus bsing about weldin and prices rick is a good guy
Parent - - By hillbilly (**) Date 07-27-2009 15:33
Be glad to come BS with you over supper, if you can put me to work! Lol. Glad hear u getting to work, even if its just little bit.
Parent - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 08-02-2009 14:51
I put a word in for ya Brian! He said we'd be hanging some structural and decking(right up your alley!!) This guy is/was a welder but he told me he never did it as a career. I've seen his work, he's a welder for sure. Plus he had another fella that I worked with that welded. So I tried to get a spot for ya but seems they were covered up with welders! They have a bunch of work going on and when I met the guy his tags were from New York. I laughed and found out he lived a few hours from where I used to live. He moved to Ga a few months ago. It was a good gig, they supplied welding rod, wire, gas, torches the works. I used my welder for two whole days and partial days the rest of the week. Actually look forward to doing some more work with them, great group.
Parent - - By cwf07 (***) Date 07-31-2009 01:53 Edited 07-31-2009 01:56
What kind of work are you doing in Ga. I live about 2hrs south of Kenneshaw, I done alot of work in that area on I 75. I give a buddy of mind a job to do in Kenneshaw yesterday.
Parent - - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 08-02-2009 14:55
We were doing some structural on some restuarants, putting up some steel work in another restuarant over the bar and doing some decking and cross bracing on the steel girders. That was cool climbing all over that crap 20ft in the air! I know, only 20ft, you big steel guys laughing at me. It was all around Kennesaw, Atlanta area. All I have to say is Atlanta is one BIG darn place!! Makes Nashville look like a pimple on an elephants butt!!
Parent - - By cwf07 (***) Date 08-03-2009 12:53
I know what you mean when I work in Atlanta I got 1 eye looking behind my hood the other watching the welding bead and 1 hand on the stringer and the other a 45cal.
Parent - By Cumminsguy71 (*****) Date 08-03-2009 17:49 Edited 08-03-2009 17:52
I hear ya! Every morning on the news was murder this, murder that, mayor and police chief in hot water because everyday is murder this and murder that!! We were only downtown once doing a shutdown overnight and were up on the roof. 17 story building, pretty cool. Although cell phone pictures suck pretty bad, right next to the AT&T building. Spent most of the night on the roof, the rest was down in the boiler room. Liked the roof better, nice breeze, cool, boiler room not so much!!
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