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- - By jwright650 (*****) Date 07-28-2009 13:16
Anybody know off hand what restrictions are on the D/L pdf versions of D1 docs?

Such as, If I D/L D1.3 here on a work computer, (it isn't for work, it's for home use)

.... will I be able to transfer this file to my laptop/desktop at home?
Parent - By welderbrent (*****) Date 07-28-2009 14:09

When I bought the D1.4 and downloaded it, from on-line source, to my shop computer it only had certain access.  I started printing certain pages to take to a job and suddenly couldn't get any more.  Called AWS and was told I could only do a certain amount or go on once and print out the whole thing.  It took a couple times working with them to get the whole thing printed so I had a complete hard copy. 

As to your direct question of copying it to another computer, I did, but I am not sure if I had done it within the same time period as applied to printing, or, if it is good at any time.

I do believe, but can't say 100%, that if you buy the disc and download it that you can put it on several computers and/or copy from one computer to another.

Hope that at least gets you started the right direction.  Maybe someone else has more complete knowledge.  Besides, computers and I don't really get along very well.  Thus, I have a hard time trying to describe my experiences.

Have a Great Day,  Brent
Parent - By HgTX (***) Date 07-28-2009 18:28
The downloadable PDFs were locked to whatever computer you loaded them onto.  Which made them even less portable than the books, and defeated the purpose.  If you buy the new flash drives, though, those can be used with any computer.  I don't think you can copy the file onto the computer, but you can move the drive around to whatever computer you happen to be using.  I don't think you can print the file from the drive, but you get a discount for buying a hardcopy plus drive.

Somewhere else is a thread clarifying the pricing for the flashdrive.

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