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Up Topic Welding Industry / General Welding Discussion / Another big one.
- - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-28-2009 19:52
In process pics of another project. Enjoy. :-)

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Parent - - By thewelder (***) Date 07-29-2009 02:05
thank you for showing your work, VERY NICE.
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 02:28
Your welcome. I am glad you enjoyed it, I sure do. :-) We do alot of standard stuff so when these projects come through I love it. A change of pace.

Parent - - By rick harnish (***) Date 07-29-2009 02:39
Beautiful.... wish I was there!
Parent - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 03:26
Thanks Rick. :-)
Parent - - By ibeweldingsum (***) Date 07-29-2009 03:01
Some damn fine weldin there buddy!!
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 03:22
Oh yeah, the welders here are top notch. Of course GMAW & FCAW are pretty easy to master. The fitters and preparation guys are awesome as well.

Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 07-29-2009 03:29
I especially liked the corners on the second pic from the top..

And while FCAW may be pretty easy to learn..  Very few folks can stack nice even on multi pass fillets like on Pic 198 without some special training.

You guys obviously have a quality system.

Those are the kind of welds ya want to take home and put under your pillow.
Parent - By ibeweldingsum (***) Date 07-29-2009 03:33
Man you gotta have some pretty good hands to stack FCAW and not get cold lap. Travel speed, volts and wire speed, etc.,etc, not just a trigger puller did that work!!
Parent - - By jwright650 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 11:13
I agree with Lawrence....nice looking work there.
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 12:17
Thanks guys. I will update this thread as we go along and with final install pics when done.

We had a project here awhile back that we ended up taking over and my boss sent me some pics of the welds with this note.

"These are the welds on the structure. We need to match them".

Well, I looked at the welds and they were not even close to the quality of our welds. They did pass visual criteria, but were not pretty. Now I was quite sure he just wanted us to match size, but just for kicks, when I saw him later that day I stopped in his office and brought the subject up. I said "Boss, you want us to make our welds look like the ones in the pics you sent me?" He says yes. So I said, "Alright I will go tell the guys to ugly them up a bit." No, NO, NO, just match size he says. LOL Then he ran me out of his office. The guy has no sense of humor sometimes. :-) Actually, he got a good laugh out of it as well.

Anyways, these guys make my job pretty easy as far as visual inspection goes. 

Parent - - By Milton Gravitt (***) Date 07-29-2009 16:39
The welds look SWEET. Can we ask what does it do.
Parent - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 18:22 Edited 07-29-2009 18:25
Sure. :-) This guy did.
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Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 20:34 Edited 07-29-2009 20:38
Here are a few more from today. These were done by two different welders than the other one.
Attachment: Picture019.jpg (0B)
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Parent - - By rick harnish (***) Date 07-29-2009 20:50
That really is some quality work. But I am equally impressed with how clean the shop is!
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 21:07
Thanks, we have a pretty strict regimen of daily cleanup as well as a monthly DNC. There are some spots that are problematic but I guess that is the case with every shop.

Parent - - By 803056 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 21:29
You need a flashlight and a walking stick when you enter some shops. Crap and debris everywhere and 2 out of three lights out.

Nice to see a well organized shop once in a while.

Best regards - Al
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-29-2009 23:51
  funny that you mention lighting. I would like to add to or upgrade our lighting. There are areas in the shop where the lighting is adequate but not ideal. Plus soft light is a must. Notice the color of the walls. It is IMHO the happy medium. Visability.

Parent - By rick harnish (***) Date 07-30-2009 00:38
I would suggest a nice disco ball. :)
Parent - By PlasmaHead2 (***) Date 07-30-2009 21:32
Very nice, I’m jealous! I want to work where you work! You have some lucky welders, and it shows.
Flat, rolled out, big heavy stuff with lots of weld, that’s right up my alley.
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-30-2009 12:02
   I was thinking about your question last night. Did you mean what did it as far as what machine we used? If so we run Miller CP-302's.

Parent - - By Northweldor (***) Date 07-30-2009 12:27
I think he was asking about the function of the weldment.
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-30-2009 13:07
AHH.. could be. It is a shade structure. I can not post the design drawings, but I will post pics of the final install when that stage comes.

Parent - - By Revjsnizzle (**) Date 07-30-2009 14:49
Is it on a rotater?  Or are they welding out of position as well?
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-30-2009 14:51
They are rolled out. We try to limit everything to flat and horizontal.

Parent - By Revjsnizzle (**) Date 07-30-2009 14:53
Sweet....that makes it all the easier.  We do the same thing here where I work.  Less welder fatigue...more work done....good times.  You can disregard the PM....LOL
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 07-30-2009 14:38 Edited 07-30-2009 14:41
We just bought 8 CP-302's (with sexy dual feeders)

They are solid as a rock.

GMAW-S of open roots all the way out to 3/32 FCAW...  No whistles, No bells, No complications.

One crank for voltage,  one knob for wire feed..... Works all day, never gets tired... No worries about circuit boards or "programs" or inductance.

Nothing but good things to say about this power supply.

Edit: One complaint... Miller now only includes Bernard guns with their packages.... So I cannot stay with my old Tweco #4  faithful sliding versatile tip/nozzle consumables..
Parent - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-30-2009 14:48
Yes, they have served us very well. :-)

Parent - - By aevald (*****) Date 07-30-2009 14:55
Hello Lawrence, I know what you mean about the Bernard guns, we got a number of new feeders that had the centerfire consumables.......big problem when students are doing overhead FCAW. Fill up the diffuser area with spatter or grenade the contact tip and you can't dissassemble the nozzle/contact tip. To the issue of Tweco guns, you could go with the adapters and go ahead and use the Twecos, we have done that on a few of our feeders because we had a number of the Bernard guns that had the Tweco style ends on them. A few thoughts to consider. Best regards, Allan
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 07-30-2009 15:21

Bernard has a tip configuration kit that is similar to Tweco... it uses an oblong contact tube that is a twist fit and the nozzel can slide over an insulator.  This way the contact tube can stick out longer for short circuit and be recessed into the nozzel for spray transfer and FCAW..  

This is the drawback in my opinion of the cetnerfire... If you want to change the stickout (difference in distance from tip to nozzel) you need to change tips or nozzels. Also the best short circuit configuration that you can get with centerfire is to have the tube even with the nozzel end rather than sticking out about 1/8" which I think provides better short circuiting (especially with inverters).  Centerfire is a really good way to go if you don't need alot of flexability.

But there isn't an adaptor that I know about that can be put on a Bernard gun end that will accept a threaded Tweco style tip consumable...  If I'm wrong about this please let me know..

What I'm trying to do is have a single style of consummable for my 40+ mig guns...
Parent - By jwright650 (*****) Date 07-30-2009 15:42 Edited 07-30-2009 15:44
I don't know if I like those threaded deals......soft threads and spatter don't sound like a good mix to me. I kinda like the slip fit of the Bernard stuff, makes changing a tip or nozzle easy. Hadn't noticed the accumulation of spatter like that because we weld everything down hand here, I see how that can be a problem for the overhead stuff....edit: I should mention that we use 600amp guns here(Bernard is the only one that makes one after 400amps I believe)
Parent - - By aevald (*****) Date 07-30-2009 16:11
Hello Lawrence, I'm sorry, I confused your comments regarding which end of the gun you were using Tweco parts on. I was referring to the connection point from the whip to the feeder, you are obviously referring to the front-end parts. I have some Tweco whips that can be mounted to our Miller feeders using an adapter between the whip and the feeder, I also have Bernard guns that can be mounted to the same feeders, they have the Tweco ends on the part that connects to the feeder. Best regards, Allan
Parent - - By Lawrence (*****) Date 07-30-2009 16:32
Right you are Allen,

Different ends of the horse eh?

I've got some of those funkey old adaptors too for mounting big tail ends of guns to smaller feeder socket holes and visa/versa...
Parent - By aevald (*****) Date 07-30-2009 16:53
Parent - - By Milton Gravitt (***) Date 08-01-2009 22:31
jrw159, I was asking, what was the part that you where welding on did. The guy or guy's that did that FCAW has being doing it for year's they make it look easy, but I know it not.
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 08-02-2009 10:22
  Sorry, I missed your question entirely the first time. It is a shade structure. When erected there will be fabric stretched between and over the columns.

Parent - By jrw159 (*****) Date 08-12-2009 15:30 Edited 08-12-2009 15:35
OK, Here are some installation pics. Location is Overland Park, KS

jrw159 :-)
Attachment: OverlandPark021.jpg (0B)
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