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- - By ssbn727 (*****) Date 07-31-2009 03:13 Edited 07-31-2009 03:26
I was watching 'Building It Bigger" tonight, and they were featuring the New Texas Stadium in Arlington, TX...
I was impressed at the size as well as the cost which is over 1 Billion USD so, anybody had the honor to work on such a site?
I'll let the ones who are working, or have worked on this project to boast about the details such as the largest HD TV screens in the World will be inside, and the largest Arches in North America, or even the world  of 1290 feet long across supporting the double retractable roof panels along with the largest sliding door panels of 120 ft high on both ends of the stadium, and even more goodies like the fact that it will be able to hold up to 100,000 people in seating that's adjustable from 70,000 to 100,000 max.

A whole lot of welding and bolting was performed both in the fab shops as well as on site so, anyone involved in one way or another with this project?
Anybody want to add more on this immense project where season tickets will cost the average fan 150,000 USD???

We got Six rings and we're going for Seven like the number of our QB who is innocent... Go Steelers!!! ;) ;) ;) I prefer Heinz Field where one can really feel the elements especially in the winter when football really reaches it's pinnacle in playing the game!!! :) :) :) The only place better is Lambeau Field in Green Bay, right Larry? ;)

Parent - By JohnJohn (**) Date 07-31-2009 04:12
I was offered a job back when the steel first started going up. I worked for the primary steel erector, Derr Steel, a few years back. I saw a few guys I worked with on the show. A part of me wishes I would have taken the offer, but big projects have big problems and pressure. I would just as soon face the pressure of self employment then put up with someone else's BS. My hats off to those who built it. I sat on the 50 yard line when the first supertruss was going up during a visit there. Let's just say that TV doesn't do it much justice, it's an awesome feat of engineering to say the least.

Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-31-2009 12:27
  As far as steel inspection, the company we use for our required IAS third party is also doing the stadium, so I know a few of them personally. However our biggest competitor did the fabric canopy's. :-( I have been through there, but have not actually worked on the project. Being but just a few miles from me, I am quite interested in it.

I have not found out what the cost of season or other tickets are yey but they open at 9:00 am and I will find out. Hold on to something, because they will not be cheap. LOL

Ahhh the "Frozen Tundra". 

Parent - By bigrod (**) Date 07-31-2009 13:42
i went to the opening ceremony of it back in june and it is amazing...the hd tv's are the best!
Parent - - By johnnyh (***) Date 07-31-2009 15:06
I looked on stub hub and the prices for season tickets ranged from $875 to $50,000.  Too bad the stadium wont be able to help their football product.  I am headin' there if there is a tornado though....since there will be no touchdowns. hahahaha.....go texans!!!!!!!!!!!
Parent - - By swnorris (****) Date 07-31-2009 16:23
I can't believe they're spending over one billion dollars on the stadium, but they're skimping on the turf.  They're switching from something called "near grass" with a new inexpensive synthetic surface made from recycled newspapers.  When asked why this was being done, team owner Jerry Jones replied "because the Dallas Cowboys have always played better on paper."
Parent - - By jrw159 (*****) Date 07-31-2009 16:34
I am a Cowboy's fan and even I found that one funny! :-)

Parent - - By Dualie (***) Date 08-02-2009 01:48
I heard that rihanna is now dating the entire starting lineup for the Dallas cowboys.   when asked why she would date the entire starting line she was quoted as saying "I know they cant beat anyone"
Parent - - By rfieldbuilds (**) Date 08-02-2009 19:08
Cold, Very cold...
I was on site at W & W steel in OK city last fall to TPI for a project here in California. They were just getting done with the finishing touches for the stadium. I saw the Dallas  "STAR" which is supposed to be suspended over the field or stadiun I guess. Very much an engineering marvel. I was told the trusses are constructed of W14x751's. There was a little drop laying around the yard. These are like 4 inch flanges and 3 inch thick webs. Very impressive indeed.
Parent - - By Joseph P. Kane (****) Date 08-04-2009 23:26

4 inch thick flanges and three inch thick webs do not make W14X730 rolled sections.  I do not know what a W14X751 section is, unless it is a fabricated section, but the thicknesses you quote are not heavy enough.

Joe Kane
Parent - - By JohnJohn (**) Date 08-05-2009 00:50
The sections varied from W14x311 to W14x730 and they were made in Luxembourg, according to Modern Steel Construction.
Parent - By DaveBoyer (*****) Date 08-05-2009 04:35
For anybody else whe had no idea what a W14x730 section looks like, there are dimensiones in this link:
Parent - By rfieldbuilds (**) Date 08-05-2009 01:00
Well, I did see the drop. They were substantial. The welding foreman gave me the W14x751 info. Does this mean I shouldn't be trusting welding foremen? T.I.C.
Parent - - By mpitt (*) Date 08-03-2009 03:45
I know of 3 fabricators that worked on it. W&W out of Oklahoma, Prospect Steel out of Little Rock, Ark and Steel Fabricators of Monroe, Louisiana had a one of the trusses that went between the main arches. There may have been more, but those are the three I know about.
Parent - By bigrod (**) Date 08-03-2009 04:55
it is prety crazy to see that huge dome open up in just eight minutes.  i have a video and some pics of it from a box suite that if i remember sometime i'll post them up on here.
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