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- - By yojimbo (***) Date 08-06-2009 14:36
Hey Guys- 
Anyone working or know anything about the T.I.C. job building pump stations in North and South Dakota?  Anybody got a buddy on there?  Wondering about job site conditions, how well the job is being run, good or bad supervision, available living arrangments and motels.  Are they using rigs or is it all singlehand?  They are calling this the Keystone project so I am assuming it is for the Keystone pipeline; as well does anyone know if the Keystone pipeline is all 798 or are there non-union contractors doing any spreads.  Any other leads around that region would be appreciated.  20 years experience, 15 as rig welder, journeyman pipefitter, ASME Sec IX SMAW, GTAW carbon and stainless, API 1104 downhand butt & branch Kinder Morgan.  Would prefer to work my rig but any info/leads appreciated.  Any info on the T.I.C job would be a big help.  Thanks
Parent - - By rigchaser85 (**) Date 08-07-2009 01:47
They finished up that job in SD. I had a buddy up there. Last I heard on that was they were going to Wy and FL.I'll try to find out more. Good luck hunting.
Parent - - By rondar (*) Date 08-07-2009 02:51
T.I.C. is now owned by Kiewit.
Parent - - By yojimbo (***) Date 08-07-2009 04:09
Didn't know Kiewit bought T.I.C.  I spoke with the recruiter yesterday.  She said they'd take single hands and fitters in Edinburg N.D. $27 for welders $25 for fitters. $60 per diem payed 8 days if you make all your hours- 6 X10s, some crews more.  Said they might........... field test test me and put my truck on- $27/27 split check.  Seems a little too slippery and I know I'd just drag up if I didn't get to work the truck.  Glad I saved heavy on the good bread I've been making the last 2 years.  Just too far a drive for small money and a job I don't want.  Damn the luck.  Gettin bored as a gopher waitin for spring and summer's damn near gone.  Hang tough all.
Parent - By rondar (*) Date 08-07-2009 21:35
Check out their website. Kiewit aquired TIC in December of 2008. I have worked for TIC several times over the years in their pipeline division. Good company to work for.
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Parent - - By tighand430 (***) Date 08-07-2009 21:39
Keiwitt bought out TIC but they kept them non-union and yes, all the keystone is union work. I'd watch it on the 27/27 split check an try to see if they'd do somethin around 40/15 or so to keep ya from havin to pay taxes on the rig pay.....just a thought.
Parent - By rondar (*) Date 08-07-2009 21:47
I never have worked for Kiewit but TIC has always been true to their word. I hope that hasn't changed.
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