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- - By weaver (***) Date 08-07-2009 00:55
whats everyone charging these days for welding on wellheads?
Parent - - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 08-07-2009 01:08
$125.00 per inch
Parent - - By weaver (***) Date 08-07-2009 01:13
im having a brain fart usually at least 20'' casing right?
Parent - - By rig welder6 (**) Date 08-07-2009 01:28
i do almost all of xom wellheads here on co and they run 10 3/4" casing,  $125.00 an inch thats a little steep don't u think?  unless there is more included than just the the weld.  jst my .02$
Parent - - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 08-07-2009 01:41 Edited 08-07-2009 01:53
Well Heads here in Texas are going for $125.00 per inch (Some more, Some Less). That includes the Cut of the casing, Leveling and setting the Head, welding and testing the head. Usually takes about an Hour and a half. Then there is the $75.00 per hour Standby Rate because they are NEVER ready for you when they call you out or tell you to be there. You might wait up to 3 days past when they tell you. And the last thing. I am pretty sure it is against the Law to do a well head in the daylight hours. I say that because they all seem to be ready about 2-3 am EVERY TIME.
Parent - - By rigchaser85 (**) Date 08-07-2009 01:43
Damn right on that Mr. Cactus
Parent - - By rig welder6 (**) Date 08-07-2009 01:46
don't forget the time to suck out the cellar and sawdust.  unless its for a canadian rig then its clean, sawdusted and dry before they even let me in the cellar.
Parent - - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 08-07-2009 01:54
We seem to manage to get rhe roughnecks to do that. I did do a few in North Dakota where they put Cornstarch in the Cellar.
Parent - - By 65 Pipeliner (**) Date 08-07-2009 02:00
Is that diameter inch or circumferential inch?

Parent - - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 08-07-2009 02:15
Parent - - By weaver (***) Date 08-07-2009 02:18
thankyou cactus.. ill go with your goin rate.. shannon
Parent - - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 08-07-2009 02:20
You still in ND ?
Parent - - By weaver (***) Date 08-07-2009 02:22
oh still squeakin by up here..  were still a little busy.  thankgod my wife is an rn
Parent - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 08-07-2009 02:30
I was getting 100 an inch there 5 years ago. I worked out of Westhope and Williston. I was also the Lead welder for Pioneer in the Kenmare yard. i worked for Earn Clifton. He is still in Williston
Parent - - By Cactusthewelder (*****) Date 08-07-2009 02:28
Remember, When doing a Wellhead, You are Billing the Energy Company. They are the ones with the BIG BUCKS. That also means they take longer to pay. There are alot of guys who will try to cut your throat on heads until they find out how long it takes to get paid. Then they want nothing to do with it. I weld them for Chesapeake sometimes. I charge them INSANE amounts. They pay it without question EVERY time. The reason is this, Due to their Insurance requirements, Not many welders will work for them. So, they pay whatever it takes to get someone there. Then it takes them a Minimum of 90 days to pay you. EVERY vendor I know charges for extended pay. Look at your local welding suply for example. Anytime you are over 30 days on your bill they have a service charge. We don't get the chance to send in a New bill every month so you have to get all your charges the first time.
Parent - - By weaver (***) Date 08-07-2009 02:34
this is on an ensign rig but for baytex energy.. i have noproblems with charge according to how long it takes them to pay..  i'll take your advice
Parent - By weaver (***) Date 08-07-2009 02:43
i haven't been payin attention, are you still building top drives?
Parent - By Ringo (***) Date 08-07-2009 11:50
Sounds like good work,if you can get it.
Parent - - By NMWELDING (**) Date 08-11-2009 19:53
I guess I need to reevaulate my rates when doing a wellhead. I charge $80.00 an hour for any and all oilfield work of any kind,including drilling rig work.The wellheads I weld on are usually 13 and 3/8 diameter.It usually takes about 6-7 hours which includes some waiting. When I get to the site I have to cut off the conductor at about cellar height.They suck it up through the rotary table,then I make a rough cut on the 13 and 3/8 casing to get it out of the way.After they hoist it out of the way,I have to make a final cut on the conductor pipe near the bottom of the cellar. This is usually quite a pain because it is usually full of cement between the conductor and surface casing.Then after measuring the BOP to get a measurement for my cutoff I cut the casing and grind it clean. By this time the wellhead has been heated to the proper temp. We set it,level it, tack it,double check everything,then weld it up inside and out.After welding let it cool down some before a pressure check. Maybe I need to at least charge more for wellheads,because in our area not all welders do wellheads. One guy told me for all work below ground level always charge more. He said that`s a given.
Parent - By cmays (***) Date 08-11-2009 21:46
Yah youre not getting enough ...... Companies like the $/dia inch because they can get a rough cost estimate before the work is done. Ive found that if I charge per weld sometimes it sounds better to them even though Im makeing more per hour in the end.
Parent - - By weaver (***) Date 08-11-2009 23:13
all the prep work took one hr, (cutting of conductor, rough casing cut, and measuring) put the head on two holed it, a couple of levels, pre-heat.  My machine is fantastic  i could run 3/16 lh inside and out  total weld time 1.5hrs.  then i test with nitrogen..  by the way i'm jealous that your in MI .. im from traverse city and can't wait to go home..  by the way i run a pipepro
Parent - By NMWELDING (**) Date 08-14-2009 03:29
You must work around a good bunch of experienced drilling rig hands. Probably 90% of the time I have to tell the rig hands what to do and how to do it. I don`t like to do this but if I didn`t say anything it`s hard telling how long I would be on the job.I think Michigan with the few rigs they have must have a high turnover rate going by the knowledge of the workers.Also I don`t like to tell the workers what to do because if someone got hurt I`m sure they and the company would come back on me. Maybe I should just stick with working for the small production companys and facility work.
Parent - - By Justin O (**) Date 08-07-2009 18:01
Im in South Texas and I charge $1600 for a 8 5/8" and $100 on inch over that.
Parent - - By raftergwelding (*****) Date 08-09-2009 01:04
where you been aint seen or heard much of you. i'm working for johnny right now but it wont last long if ya get any extras dont be scared to call
Parent - - By Justin O (**) Date 08-10-2009 03:53
I was welding in San Antonio now im going on a 8in line.
Parent - - By rick harnish (***) Date 08-10-2009 14:53
Were you poking around Ft. Sam in a red Dodge, by chance?
Parent - By Justin O (**) Date 08-11-2009 03:46
black mega cab
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